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    Ten & Nine Same Voice Over?

    I noticed when watching an promo on channel 9 a familiar voice. Has the main voice over guy from Channel Ten moved to Nine? Does he work for both? Or are these two different men with very similar voices? You choose, here's a promo for Gold Coast Cops on Ten, and Forever on Nine...

    Quadruple Eviction + Return of Freeze task [News.com.au]

    The biggest Eviction week in Big Brother history is coming. After a season of stunts, late timeslots and a lot of new additions, Channel 9 are set to shock the housemates and the public with a mass exodus. There will be Two Live Double Evictions next week, four housemates will be shown the...

    Whole House Revealed?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed. But Channel 9 heavily promoted that the entire Big Brother House would be revealed on Launch night. (Following on with The Block advertising) But I don't recall any secret rooms being revealed especially the second pool room (all we saw was a sort of...