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  1. hoopz


    Nobbi, keep in touch with anyone from your season or Big Brother in general?
  2. hoopz

    BBUSA: All Stars 2 on CBS

    Already getting turned off at how anti-Jaysar majority of the house is... The reads from most of these All-Stars have been terrible. It's kinda hilarious to watch.
  3. hoopz


    First call* - my bad Probably I'm assuming
  4. hoopz


    Safe to say that if you haven't been contacted yet then you're out?
  5. hoopz

    2020 Ratings Thread

    Do we reckon the finale cracked 1m? BIP isn't really stiff competition and from what I hear, it's not been too good this season either.
  6. hoopz

    Voting Poll

    Dan could benefit from a Sophie/Chad split vote
  7. hoopz

    Big Brother's best/worst cast season

    2006 felt like it had 30 housemates. That season's casting was still much better than majority of the other seasons tbh.
  8. hoopz

    Big Brother's best/worst cast season

    Bringing back this interview w/ Kyle Sandilands: "We have to take some sort of responsibility," Kyle says. "But really, the show was not what I (thought it would be) ... I wanted extreme differences of the population, not just one frat-house vibe. It was not as extreme as I would have liked and...
  9. hoopz

    Big Brother 2021 confirmed (recording late 2020)

    I find it weird that the audition questionnaire asks about whether you've tried drugs and your opinion on them. For a show taking a family-friendly approach to the format and not having any adult sideshows, I wonder why it's even relevant? What do they even want to know? Do auditionees tell BB...
  10. hoopz

    Format and production thoughts

    I think we all knew BB wasn't going to be the tough, stubborn authoritarian he once was. I think they'll keep the 'evil' or zero tolerance BB as a hook for another season or even as a weekly task in future. I think 7 are keeping the format and production very basic in order to build on it for...
  11. hoopz

    Favourite weekly tasks?

    Yeah, most of the memorable tasks for me seem to come from BB05 too. I vaguely remember one where they each had to plaster a part of their body and make a housemate out of the pieces. Random.
  12. hoopz

    Big Brother 2021 confirmed (recording late 2020)

    Would love to apply but also don't know how I'd mentally cope with being the first or second boot because I'm gaming too hard. I'd also be judging everyone for not playing the game or being coasters.
  13. hoopz

    Davina hosts BBUK: Best Episodes Ever from 14 June

    Wow this does not look good - I hope she gets some help.
  14. hoopz

    Format and production thoughts

    IMO, this show NEEDS a veto component. I won't budge on it. The fact that nominees don't have the chance to save themselves or game further is only a disservice to the show. The show would thrive with the chance for underdogs or frequent nominees to save themselves and fight back. Instead, we...
  15. hoopz

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 9 Discussion (23 June)

    God if they had evil BB circa 2005, where he had 0 tolerance for anything and gave out fines left, right and centre, then maybe these housemates would realise that losing $50 of the shopping budget pales in comparison to how they used to be treated lol
  16. hoopz

    2020 Ratings Thread

    I'm pretty out of the loop with how ratings work - if I watch Channel 7 via Foxtel, is my viewership recorded? Also, what else can we do to boost numbers? Watch the episode on Plus7 once it's aired?
  17. hoopz

    Predict the Final 3

    Mat, Xavier, Sarah
  18. hoopz

    The Kieran Show

    With how heavily he's being featured, I have the feeling that somehow he makes it far. Sigh.
  19. hoopz

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 4 Discussion (14 June)

    Studying for exams tonight at a mate's place - gonna be watching the episode before bed though! Hoping a big character doesn't go tonight :)