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  1. hoopz

    Lost, annoyed and confused.

    Can we use this thread to just mention some of the f-ups we have seen on BBAU 2014... Let me start with tonight.... He chose Aisha but you guys sent Lisa in? WTF. It clearly isn't live... she was sitting in the diary room before Leo even entered the Sanctuary. Also, Lisa is directed to the...
  2. hoopz

    What pops into your head for each series?

    Since we're on a BB drought this weekend I'd just like to know what you automatically think of each year of BB. Like what you relate/identify each season to without thinking too hard about it. E.g: BB1: Sara-Marie BB2: Marty and Jess relationship BB3: I always think of Carlo but my mind...
  3. hoopz

    Old BB Footage....

    Hey guys.... I know every season of BBAU has been uploaded on YouTube which is great but does anyone have livestream footage or rare episodes of uncut or uplate? I remember last year someone streamed the BB06 livestream... can this be done again? Would be great to have an archive of the...
  4. hoopz

    Channel 9 is stupid

    As much as this didn't need its own thread I just think we should get Goon to pass this onto Alex M. Why can Channel 9 show Embarrassing Bodies 9.30 and show a lot of nudity. Not only nudity but naaaasty disorders on private parts with no censorship at an earlier time yet we cannot get Big...
  5. hoopz

    Big Brother house talk topic *Spoiler Warning*

    Has the house gone under construction for the new season? If not when does this usually happen? Will there even be a new house?