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    The 'Arty' scene transitions

    Ok so watching last night's Ep I finally took note of one of those 'artsy' scene breakers mentioned in the podcasts - the spinning pillow Mid air in front of the lounge room screen. I loled. Spot one and post here!
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    'Dirty Dozen' noms superpower

    I think it's an interesting one, but I do like to see a bit of variety with the superpower from time to time. So far it's been used for every noms since single HOH was brought in. So if it's here to stay, it will prob need downgrading and renaming as the numbers get smaller, otherwise you'll...
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    Best lead up promotion

    Hey everyone, sorry if there's already a topic on this but which season do you think had the best lead up promos etc.? Or which were your favourites? Also some of them anyone remember what they had for a refresher? Here's some of them: 2001 - what did they have here? I only remember the bb...