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    The Block-Art deco building

    Ok todays episode show them doing "the biggest week so far" - powder room, laundry and hallway. Again the intolerable Dan and Carleeeen manage to pick another fight with W+K. This time Dan adds the 'chauvinist badge' to his boyscouts uniform, when he says Will should have come up to talk to him...
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    Australian Survivor: Articles

    ah its the old "showmance" trick.. the guys fall for it every time. finally a connection to BB btw.. does the article hint phoebe and kristie had something going on as well? :confused:
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    The Jury Villa - Discussion Thread

    get used to nicks voice. he'll probaby be desperate to do some commenting gig/sideshow for next season.
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    Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 19 Discussion

    Sue couldnt win a challenge even if she was doing one with the others all ill. what was she doing there after the merge at all? JL has found her voice too late. And the boys are so tightly wrapped around the mean girls trio's thumbs, its almost painful to watch them. Mattopolypse! He would...
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    BBUSA: Over the Top - online series on CBS All Access

    BBOTT is CBS trying to see if they can take RTV and make money when it is completely done in live feed subscription. They can sugar-coat it as "interactive" This is an experiment to see if they can get viewers to pay more (for live feed) and for them to spend less (on the shows). probably on the...
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    Who do you want to win? (Final 3 poll added)

    Cant believe it but Im actually missing Phoebe now. She would have broken that mean girl alliance somehow. maybe with a little help from "the survivor gods" :redface:
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    BBUSA: Over the Top - online series on CBS All Access

    BB USA is produced in such a way that live feeds offer almost nothing. The shows dont focus on personalities and knowing the housemates as individuals, only on them inside alliances and strategic game talk. its a BB gameshow competition. they are there to play these games, to produce HOH or POV...
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    BBUSA: Over the Top - online series on CBS All Access

    great lets base our assessment of the success of a BB edition of subscription live feeds on a rbbq forum with a few die-hard fans of the show that literally glued their eyeballs to the screen as live feed began and experience heavy anxiety issues if they havent checked the live feed 10 times...
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    Australian Survivor: Articles

    yes we can sum up all the JL screen time up to now in one short ad break. maybe shes just not that interesting.
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    Gogglebox Australia

    Im pretty sure almost nobody actually sits like that as a family or friends to watch tv together.. unless you really make it a regular "tv night" for an entire season of something. but it plays on our collective idea of "the tv as the communal fire". we like to see others sitting together as...
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    BBUSA: Over the Top - online series on CBS All Access

    Also I think people are over-estimating the power of live feeds. Sure it was very interesting and engaging in the past. we wanted to see how people live 24/7 together, people woke up, ate, slept with BB on live feed. I dont think this is the case any longer. unless theres some amazing new...
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    BBUSA: Over the Top - online series on CBS All Access

    The cast of BBOTT was ok, in the usual american formula for the summer BB's. I dont see big changes other than "America votes in the end". If viewers get to vote off people and not the players - as in other countries - thats a complete format change, and will make it worthwhile, but Im guessing...
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    Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 18 Discussion

    Ok my view: Kylie - it was expected, she was just too big a threat to the "rulling trio", they can get sue anytime because she wont win any immunity. with nick and kylie, I think they will probably be very bitter and will be voting for anyone in the final other than that girl trio, if anyone...
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    The Food Game

    Emmental cheese
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    The Block-Art deco building

    Spoilerts In true Block fashion, the feel good factor has to kick in so every couple needs a room win. This week it was almost "reserved" for kim & chris. Im guessing whatever they would have thrown there, the judges were instructed to give them the win, with the only advantage being "how...
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    The Block-Art deco building

    we all know they let teams that "run out of cash" just take it off the reserve.. so no wonder the teams are looking only slightly worried about it.. the first time that happened in past seasons, it was complete freak out.. this season its like: "yeah, we know we overspent, ok, thats that.."...
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    Survivor Season 33

    yes I agree. dont like this season 33. its like they specifically chose them for being annoying.
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    Gogglebox Australia

    I like how they rhyme-pun scott cam, dan, foreman dan, and will - on the block - "After speaking to his Foremen, Scott Cam gathers four men.." "thanks for coming down, dan.." "to formulate a plan whether to ban dan, after will's calated footage of a chaleted gun, used by dan's man on his phone...
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    Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 17 Discussion

    agree + so agree! cant stand the "read letters and weep" segments. and in some formats - this is stretched to entire episodes, only second disliked to "the journey so far" recaps episodes.
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    ...Australian Survivor Photoshop Thread 2016...

    yeah Im guessing just sitting there for an hour watching those balls rolling had to be just as exhausting. an hour of that - holee..