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  1. jarroddaniel1

    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    As for the Diary Room, the entrance is the same for Celebrity Big Brother just with the gold lighting. Inside there are minor changes. The lighting is now a purple colour while the chair is blue.
  2. jarroddaniel1

    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    Celebrity Big Brother As part of this new House design, I would return Celebrity Big Brother back to its regular January slot and only once a year. Logo and Title Card: House The Celebrity Big Brother House would be similar to the summer series of Big Brother but with noticeable differences...
  3. jarroddaniel1

    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    Dystopian Twists Adding to the dystopian touches that the series has already, there would be twists to keep the Housemates on their toes. As the first 12 Housemates enter the House on launch night, they'll discover that there are six other Housemate hidden away in a secret dystopian bunker. The...
  4. jarroddaniel1

    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    Big Brother House - Bedroom 1 Going back into the living area now, and through the glass door we enter the first of two bedrooms in this House. Both bedrooms have been designed to be contrasting, uncomfortable and awkward to live in. Futuristic designs follow into this bedroom. Housemates walk...
  5. jarroddaniel1

    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    Big Brother House: The Exterior Moving right ahead with this project, I'm proud to reveal my new and unique exterior stage. The new stage removes the Channel 5 eye stage completely and introduces a new design which is flexible and easily changes to the theme of the show. The exterior boasts a...
  6. jarroddaniel1

    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    This idea will be based around the UK version of Big Brother. Big Brother returns for the seventeenth series of the almighty reality format, returning key elements to the table, some that have been missing for a long time. Channel 5 return Big Brother to the rightful June launch. Big Brother...
  7. jarroddaniel1

    Big Brother is actually a Housemate

    I remember in Big Brother UK back in 2012 as part of a task that a Housemate was given the chance to make a "This is Big Brother" announcement? If that counts.
  8. jarroddaniel1

    Anyone Built any "Virtual" BB Houses?

    Thank you! I use Sketchup.
  9. jarroddaniel1

    Anyone Built any "Virtual" BB Houses?

    Still no Australian Big Brother houses, but here's my latest House for Big Brother UK..
  10. jarroddaniel1

    Anyone Built any "Virtual" BB Houses?

    Not so much replicas of the Australian House, more my own unique creation and take on the British Big Brother.
  11. jarroddaniel1

    Celebrity Big Brother UK January 2013 (Pre-series)

    We all moan about the same things every series knowing nothing will ever be improved.
  12. jarroddaniel1

    BBUK 2012 - House pics

    It's good... but not my favorite house.
  13. jarroddaniel1

    Big Brother UK to return on June 5th

  14. jarroddaniel1

    Channel 5 sign another 2 year deal with Endemol UK

    Channel 5 have signed up to air Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother for another two years meaning it's up until 2014. The Show will return for it's thirteenth series in May, followed by the tenth Celebrity Big Brother series in August/September 2012...
  15. jarroddaniel1

    Big Brother UK 2012 - Series Thirteen

    Anyone looking forward to BB13?