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  1. spygirl99

    My thoughts on Ryan winning

    I think he was goodlooking on the outside but ugly on the inside. Although in a way his ugly personality started to make him look ugly to me. And, I agree with the Tom comment. He was ugly, but once again mainly in personality. No wonder he hit it off with Ruthless Ryan.
  2. spygirl99

    Ned and Kelly appreciation thread

    I am a cat person ( I have three) but I love dogs too. They were both adorable but Ned stole my heart. He was such a little darling. I would have LOVED to cuddle him. They were both so gorgeous & sweet. I especially loved watching them playing in the background.
  3. spygirl99

    Cat looked sad

    Lol! I wonder? Maybe reality was a bit much? I'm not bagging them, just wonder if it is off or on?
  4. spygirl99

    Cat looked sad

    I got that vibe too. She & Lawson looked uncomfortable. The 'Honeymoon Period' must be over?
  5. spygirl99

    My thoughts on Ryan winning

    Very disappointed. He didn't deserve it. He was under the radar for weeks, lurking & observing (scheming). He was a nasty character, always bitching & gossiping, stirring the pot. He seemed very intolerant too. Everything & anything annoyed him. He came across as very angry/hostile. The only...
  6. spygirl99

    Poll: Preferred finishing order

    Agreed. I hope Ryan loses.
  7. spygirl99

    Ned and Kelly appreciation thread

    Same here! I would LOVE to see them with their new family. Seeing them leave was so sad. I just love animals so much. Those two little babies were way sweeter than any of the HMs.
  8. spygirl99

    Poll: Preferred finishing order

    Not a huge fan of any of them. However, I would prefer to see Skye beat out Ruthless Ryan & Tacky Travis.
  9. spygirl99

    Which original housemate are you most surprised to see in the finals?

    Ryan. He must be there purely because of his looks? Because his personality is horrible. I don't want him to win.
  10. spygirl99

    Which original housemate are you most surprised to see in the finals?

    I liked Skye at first but she can be bloody annoying. And she can be very superficial. She has had SO MUCH cosmetic surgery for someone so young: Nose job, lip fillers, Botox, teeth, etc.
  11. spygirl99

    Lina or Penny?

    Lina ALL THE WAY for me. lina: Smart, interested in others, affable, calm, kind, honest, gorgeous, strong Penny: Goofball, odd, weird, kooky, fence-sitter, one of the boys, strange
  12. spygirl99

    Ariana Grande

    Hate the smug little smurfette.
  13. spygirl99

    Sandra on making something out of nothing

    Sandra DID treat David with contempt. She DID bully David & others, when she was with Sam & Ryan, etc. She is just trying to save face. Like someone else said there is proof of her antics. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love it!
  14. spygirl99

    Who even is Ryan?

    I can only go by MY perception of him from what we have seen on the show. In the first few weeks I honestly forgot he was even there. He was the only HMs name I couldn't remember. He seemed quite and reserved. Kind of a fence-sitter. He watched & observed the other HMs. He slowly came out of his...
  15. spygirl99

    Lina Appreciation Thread

    I agree with this. Skye was SO RUDE walking off. And I actually like Skye, but I thought her behaviour was abrupt. I also LOVE how Lina likes to get deep & meaningful. I could relate to her for sure. Skye & Penny are too fluffy for me.
  16. spygirl99

    Nice things to say about the final 6 (no negativity)

    Lena - Smart, astute, beautiful, strong, mature Penny - Bubbly, energetic, fun Priya - Intelligent, charming, strong-willed Ryan - Skye - Fun, playful, Travis - Child-like personality (which is charming, at times), fun
  17. spygirl99

    Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him

    All the very best Ben. Loved you on BB. I wanted you to win. We all love you, xxx.
  18. spygirl99

    Sandra EXPOSES David

    I agree with you, Ryan IS vile. I can't believe the nasty little imp is still in the BB house.