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  1. Rudiger

    Tina Arena Hate Thread

    Well, she's really just a total fucking slag, isn't she? She couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag. Personally, I've farted more tuneful melodies. I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire. Oh Tina, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways... Disclaimer: in actual fact, I worship...
  2. Rudiger

    What would Anti-Gretel say?

  3. Rudiger

    Arrested Development

    The greatest TV comedy of all time? I think it almost certainly is. It's also pretty much the smartest comedy of all time. There's so much going on! It's so rewarding to re-watch to get the gags you didn't catch the first time. Who's your favourite character? Tobias and Gob (obvious, I...
  4. Rudiger

    Who's Your Biggest Housemate Crush Ever?

    I've had quite a number of housemate crushes over the years. My biggest would have to be Kate (05). Even though she lost it near the end , overall I just thought she was the bee's knees (and I was weak at the knees). Who's your biggest crush of all time and why? Remember, as The Beatles...
  5. Rudiger

    Camp David vs. Camp Priya

    Camp David: David, Lawson, Leo, Marina (?), Ryan, Sandra. vs. Camp Priya: Aisha, Cat, Jason, Priya, Skye, Travis. Which camp do you prefer and why? Which group will emerge victorious? Will these alliances last? Please note: Ned and Kelly have yet to declare their allegiance...