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  1. spygirl99

    David & Ryan NOT Happy!

    It was interesting to watch the looks on their faces when they were nominated by the HMs families. They were PISSED OFF big time. It's all fun & games when Skye or Priya are nommed, David & Ryan cackle, giggle, and look so smug. But when the shoe is on the other foot watch out. They are the two...
  2. spygirl99

    Ruthless Ryan

    Ryan looked positively gleeful when Aisha was going. I almost expected to see him sniggering behind his hand. He takes pleasure in seeing others upset. He is a nasty character. He remains cool on the outside but you can tell that he is burning with hatred beneath the skin. I wonder where he...
  3. spygirl99

    I actually felt sorry for Lawson tonight!

    Firstly - I DO NOT CONDONE CHEATING! But I felt so sorry for Lawson tonight. The way he was grilled on stage was extremely uncomfortable to watch. He looked on the verge of tears. How many times does he have to apologise to the Australian public? For him to sit up there in front of that...
  4. spygirl99

    Is David a Virgin?

    David revealed to Lina that he has never had a relationship with a woman. Do you think he might be a virgin...at 31?
  5. spygirl99

    Would you have taken the $50,000?

    I can't believe Aisha & Travis didn't take the money. Aisha would have had $45,000, that is a lot of money! They could have left together, experienced being onstage together, and started a life outside of the BB house. That kind of money can buy some freedom from lifes banalities (like worrying...
  6. spygirl99

    Put HMs Names In Movies/TV Shows

    Someone already started a music/albums thread. Thought I'd start a movie/tv one: Planet of the Sandra's - Planet of the Apes Sandra Flew Over the Cukoos Nest - One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest SANDRA - JAWS The Crying Sandra - The Crying Game When Sam met Sandra - When Harry met Sally Buffy the...
  7. spygirl99

    Ryan is a hypocrite

    He always twists things around so that he becomes the victim. He always has to win every argument, even if he is in the wrong. He intimidates people and makes them feel like they are the bad guy. It makes me sick. He is the biggest tool. He gets shitty if people don't take his crap and stand up...
  8. spygirl99

    Hypocritical HM'S Talking About Cheating

    I had to laugh when some of the HM'S were sitiing around the kitchen table, talking about cheating. They were obviously directing the topic of conversation towards Cat. I felt so sorry for Cat, she just stood there, looking upset. She did have her say on the matter, but of course the other HM'S...
  9. spygirl99

    Tahan Showed Her TRUE Colours

    When Sonia read out her (Tahan's) name she looked like she said 'omg, what?', or just 'what?'! I thought that showed her true colours. She couldn't believe she was going instead of Jade or Tim. She really thought she had it in the bag! She really was a bad sport. Jade on the other hand was...
  10. spygirl99

    Tahan 'The Bitch' Lost!!!

  11. spygirl99

    Drew Angry At Tim For Wanting Tully out!

    I LOVEDDDDDDDDD how Drew reacted to Tim saying he wanted Tully out, and that's why he saved Jade. Drew was PISSED OFF big time. The look on his face was priceless. Drew can dish it but he can't take it. He has the cheek to slag off Jade/Ed, but he got involved with a cheater. Drew & Tully's...
  12. spygirl99

    Tahan Bitching About The Family Dinner Auction

    I couldn't believe how Tahan kept complaining about the auction challenge. She gave up FALSE EYELASHES, a hairdryer & makeup for god sake! She didn't give up one of her kidney's. She knows that the HM'S will get their belongings back. As if BB would keep them forever. Getting so upset...
  13. spygirl99

    Tahan Is Evil

    Tahan has the face of an angel and the soul of a devil! She has got to be one of the nastiest, most negative, obstinate, hateful, egotistical, shallow & judgemental characters ever on BB. She has a malicious personality. She wonders why all the girls HATE her. How can she blame them? She runs...
  14. spygirl99

    Tully is an emotional vampire (and a selfish brat)

    She wails & whines all the time. She is so sooky. I especially HATE when she sobs & carries on when someone is evicted. Some of her tears are surely crocodile tears. Notice how soon the tears dry up & the waterworks stop when the person is gone. Tully is all about me, me, me. She steals the...
  15. spygirl99

    Is Jade playing Drew?

    I hate how Jade flirts with Drew (says nice stuff to him/touches him all the time, etc) but insists Matt is more her type. She gives Drew mixed messages. I liked her at first but now I think she is one of those girls who wants ALL of the boy's attention. She thinks she can get away with it...