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  1. Brent

    Big Brother is like a PRISON

    Now that I have your attention, let me explain. So after watching for years and years I've noticed every time housemates loved ones come and see them they're like "OMG, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU, YOU'VE DONE AMAZING, OMG". So sorry, what have they really done besides laze about a house for 80 days...
  2. Brent

    Forum Etiquette

    So being the ripe old age of 20 I guess I can come under the Skye excuse of "he's 20 he's immature". But seriously, the amount of people getting the knickers in a twist over trolls or forum members (including myself) having a go at each other is annoying. Which leads me to my point of this...
  3. Brent

    My issue with Penny

    This. I obviously know she's not 43 but I'm just not buying this airhead persona. I'm not saying she's being fake, but I just think she needs to be a bit more mature - the reason everyone is so cool with her is because she is impartial, too impartial for my liking.
  4. Brent

    A finale performance

    So I still have nightmares about the first years Oats a la - desperate for fame, and their horrible gangnam style. I can't remember if last years group did a performance? If so, I am hoping that this years bunch do not have to - I'm really not keen to see the awkward dancing and playing to the...
  5. Brent

    Final 3 Predictions

    I want to hear everyone's final 3 prediction! Skye Ryan Travis I want to actually bet a lot of money on this. This isn't my preferred final 3 - but I think this is what it will be.
  6. Brent

    A question to David fans

    I first want to start off with saying everyone is allowed to be fans of housemates for any reason, but to be a fan you also have to recognise their faults (yes, they all have them). First thing people will throw at me is "BUT YOU LOVE PRIYA, YOU ALWAYS GO ON ABOUT HER". Yes, I do - but even I...
  7. Brent

    Why not have the entire show on GO?

    I'm probably missing some important factor here, but why don't they put the entire show on GO? we would get reasonable daily shows, wouldn't have to worry about other shows interrupting.
  8. Brent

    Evicted housemates on social media

    I will be the only one who thinks this most likely, but... Nothing irritates me more than seeing evicted housemates on social media commenting on the game or trying to maintain a glimpse of themselves in the spotlight - lets be honest, there haven't been any evicted housemates this year that...
  9. Brent

    Ryan vs Priya

    The battle lines have been drawn. There are clearly two groups in the house and I personally think the leaders are Ryan and Priya. RYAN DAVID LAWSON CAT PRIYA SKYE AISHA TRAVIS To be honest I think LEO and MARINA are also on Priya's team, or are just votes she could use to her advantage...
  10. Brent

    Lawson's Second Apology

    So what's everyone thinking? Am I the only one giggling at his tears? Obviously not for the fact that he's embarassed and hurt his poor gf on national television, but that this is the second "breakdown" he's had in the house - and I am interested to see where he goes after the second "breakdown"...
  11. Brent

    I can't wait for Priya...

    To react to her following on the outside. She will be shocked that she is considered a goddess and is SLAYING our hearts. Praise her, praise her in her holy name.
  12. Brent

    I wish Skye would...

    Articulate her words! I know EXACTLY how she was feeling in that moment in the conversation with the group. Ryan's comment was CLEARLY aimed at her with "positivity" etc. She called him out on it and he got snippy. Ryan is the most condescending bastard in the history of Big Brother. Sandra...
  13. Brent

    Ryan, come on now.

    "I just can't believe 11 adults can't just have a conversation it's ridiculous" or something along those lines was said by Ryan. Uhm, ok did you not start that shit with Travis? you were the one that caused the drama that night. To keep crapping on that "oh it's just words" - you clearly don't...
  14. Brent

    Reaction to DVD Footage.

    OK am I the only one that was disgusted by this? Cat is the definition of TRASH to me - you make moves on a taken guy on national television, you watch the footage back and laugh and giggle and show little to no remorse of the misdeed you did? Lawson, you cry in the diary room, yet you laugh...
  15. Brent

    Sandra's Obsession

    I title this 'Sandra's Obsession' because I do believe the woman has completely lost it. We were made aware episode 1 that she has a fascination with erotic novels, nothing wrong with that - express your women hood, kumbaya, all that. However, I think Sandra's obsession with said novels has...
  16. Brent

    Sandra and Cat back off

    Last night was appalling. Now I know it takes "two to tango" and men need to set boundaries as well - but Sandra and Cat need to realise Sam and Lawson are off limits. I was so pissed off with Sandra throwing herself on Sam - have some class and self-respect. Am I the only one who felt this way...
  17. Brent

    Did pairs kill Big Brother 2014?

    I know I'm clearly not the only one feeling the superficial quality of this season and its going downhill, I can't help but think this would be better had people not been in pairs. I know Big Brother Australia loves to do "world firsts" but honestly no one gives a shit, your viewers don't care...