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  1. AtalantaRose

    Celeb BBUK Season 20

    The celebs are in and I am excited. Soap stars, psychics, housewives and pop stars... let the drama begin...
  2. AtalantaRose

    Time to change

    So, I've decided to try and lose some weight. And by some, I mean at least 70kg. I am a BIG girl, in my early 30s, and need to make some changes in my life. I have signed up to Lite'n'Easy and am currently on Day 3. I have been looking online for a good discussion forum of likewise peeps...
  3. AtalantaRose

    What is your reality TV threshold?

    I am a massive reality tv fan. I assume that most people in here are. My favourites are: :) Big Brother The Voice X Factor Next Top Model Survivor Geordie Shore The Amazing Race Project Runway The Bachelor But there are a few shows that are just a step too far, even for a TV...