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  1. brandonthud75

    Want to be on a season of Big Brother?

    I am starting a Big Brother season. I just need more applications before I advance to selecting housemates. Just click that link and then go to the google form link in the descripton. BTW it's a Skype game
  2. brandonthud75

    Game Random.org Big Brother

    Sign up, just by putting your name here! Once I have enough people, I will need you all to do one more thing before we begin! Winner will get a prize of my choice! I will not reveal the prize until later on.
  3. brandonthud75

    Star Wars Big Brother 3

    Since there will be no Big Brother 2015 (sadness), I might start my own Big Brother season (Done in Lego). If I get enough hype, I might consider doing it. I've finished the layout for the season, but I'm not going to reveal too much yet. THAT IS ALL...for now P.S. Please comment questions and...
  4. brandonthud75

    Open for tour?

    Will the BBAU house be open for tour this season? If so, when will it be open for tour?
  5. brandonthud75

    Removal of HOH?

    Has Big Brother removed HOH? There was no thing last night's show, where he says "Australia! It's your time to vote the new HOH" He didn't say that last night Is the HOH no more?
  6. brandonthud75

    Big Brother in Minecraft?

    Has anyone made the BBAU 2014 house in Minecraft yet? If so, can you please send me the download link?
  7. brandonthud75

    You sure there's no BB tonight?

    I just saw that Big Brother was on tonight, jump in said it's on tonight
  8. brandonthud75

    What have I missed?

    I've only started watching Big Brother since 2012 (Since it started on Channel 9) I've seen many comments every now and then saying that "10 were the better days" and "Friday Night Live!" What exactly have I missed? Everyone keeps saying that it was better with Gretel and on Channel 10 until...
  9. brandonthud75

    House plans

    Does anyone have the official house plans for each year of BBAU from 2001 to now? If not official, house plans that resemble the house please