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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 15 Discussion (7 July)

    OMG, The White Room, So many memories. "Push the red button" And then "Bigger than Thomas" when they all saw Harrison, Remember.
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    Big Brother 2020: House

    Sonia did say on sunrise today that there is a secret room that the housemates don't know about. No telling what that might be. Plus talking about Sunrise on Mondays show they will be live from the house Also, New Idea has posted the first pictures. Coming Soon. .
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    Big Brother 2020: Housemates

    Chad might be my new favorite person just saying. and thanks to the power of the internet this scandal has more to it than first thought.
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    The defining episode of each season

    2007 - The White Room was so addicted to that 2003 - The Whole Season.
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    Gretel Killeen Guest Co-Host on The Project this Friday

    i love the cow onesie story. Classic Gretel. Plus she still got it in asking the tough questions If she does I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here I will be impressed
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    Gretel Killeen Guest Co-Host on The Project this Friday

    Maybe Ten is gearing her up to host the Australian version of i'm a celebrity...lol actually they already have host chosen.
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    The Best Ever Big Brother Winner And The Worst Ever Winner

    Best: Reggie. 2003 will always be my most loved series but then again Jamie did have the complete package (lol) Worst: That all were pretty bad
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    Juicy dirt on David

    Did the test as well came back as a 6 as well. Like Duh
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    Housemate's heads in site banner??

    the banner looks awesome but why is it not in the team order
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    Our Power: Heads Of House

    I went to Cat and Sam
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    Comparing 2014 HMs with past HMs

    Skye - Ashalea BB4 Lisa - Bree BB4 Travis - Cross Between Vincent / Carlo BB3 The others not to sure yet
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    2014 House...

    The more i see the house the more i like it it reminds me of the Season 4 house
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    Skye Appreciation Thread

    Skye reminds me of Ashalea from Season 4
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    Eviction Speculation - Single or Pair Evictions?

    they could do it as a huge game of like drawing names out of a hat like pairs at random
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    Eviction Speculation - Single or Pair Evictions?

    I think it might be that 3 pairs might be up for eviction we boot out one person then that person that is left becomes the power housemate and they pick a partner to join them then so on until we have one left and they are immune from eviction. then the following week we evict one the other...
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    Episode Day 2 (9/9/14) Live Show: The Storm Has Arrived

    I love Skye she reminds my of season four's Ashalea and her partner reminds me of Bree. I fact the whole cast has that season 4 vibe
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    Episode Day 2 (9/9/14) Live Show: The Storm Has Arrived

    But we all respect his choice of underwear. Damn that boy is gifted just saying...lol