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  1. mebe

    Game Word Association

    you say: fest I say: music
  2. mebe

    Big Brother 2020 has begun

    Why was Gretel not an option? I don't like Sonia.
  3. mebe

    Big Brother 2020 has begun

    wait … what? ... it is already here??? eeeeeek
  4. mebe

    The Food Game

  5. mebe

    So...Back with "revised format"?

    BBAUS was/is the best BB
  6. mebe

    So...Back in 2016?

    You mean to tell me that Tim being on BBCan did not revive BBAU??? *sobs*
  7. mebe


    Monday had it at 37% 33% and 30% ... pretty close year
  8. mebe

    Episode Day 67 (13/11/14) Daily show

    Like; 1, Skye 2, Travis Indifferent; 3, Leo 4, Priya 5, Penny 6, Lina Hup! 7, Ryan 8, David
  9. mebe

    Who Will Be Evicted?

    Skye will be so shocked when she goes over intruders *sobs*
  10. mebe

    Eviction 13 - Who do you want to SAVE?

    I can't imaging who the HM's would have griped about this year without Skye ... they blame her for everything Save Skye
  11. mebe

    Skye's behind get's another ad

    Her butt is the best thing about BBAUS this year
  12. mebe

    Four New Housemates to enter the house

    Ugghhhh then Lawson dumps Cat for his GF/ex-gf and wins the game ... no thanks
  13. mebe

    Episode Day 2 (9/9/14) Live Show: The Storm Has Arrived

    Does anyone know how many days it is this year? please and thank you
  14. mebe

    Dion Appreciation Thread

    I will give him best dressed for launch night
  15. mebe

    Episode 2014 BB Launch TV Premiere from 8:40 pm - Live Discussion Topic

    You know what this house needs ... FEEDS those were the days *sighs*
  16. mebe

    Books to Buy

    If you can get the Wool books by Hugh Howey they are very good ... I know he has ppl working on getting his stuff out to AUS
  17. mebe

    Last movie you saw

    The Hunger Games ... and of course, as usual ... the book was MUCH better than the movie
  18. mebe

    Last movie you saw

    Mama Mia Dark Knight Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 I had a giftcard I needed to use up or would have waited for DVD releases