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  1. Evan44

    New Aussie Version of Pointless, Debuting Soon On Channel 10

    This is the replacement for Family Feud, in that 6PM weeknightly timeslot on Channel 10. I'm a big fan of the original BBC version, the one hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, and those two have such great on air chemistry that I think it'll be hard to replicate with Aussie hosts...
  2. Evan44

    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    The fellas all scrubbed up very well in their tuxes/suits. Out of the girls, the best dressed were Priya, Aisha and Cat. Worst dressed? Not sure there were any atrocious dresses.
  3. Evan44

    Skye: Drunk Tonight?

    I seriously could not watch her interview with Sonia, after that bizarre entrance on stage. The girl looked totally off her face.
  4. Evan44

    Big Brother All Stars........A Good Idea For 2015 or 2016?

    I reckon it is long overdue.
  5. Evan44

    Big News About The Finale

    5 all time Big Brother favourites are appearing on the show tonight, says the BB Facebook page. Any thoughts on who they might be? Tim 2013 Benjamin 2012 Reggie Sara Marie Trevor? Or Tim Brunero or Vesna?
  6. Evan44

    Could Lawson Or Cat Have Won Big Brother If They Hadn't Hooked Up In The House?

    Remember that for the first 2 weeks of so of this season, Lawson was the favourite or the 2nd favourite to win the whole show, before Clawson sunk his chances. And Cat was the most saved person before Clawson really got off the ground. I think that Lawson especially might still be in the house...
  7. Evan44

    The Secrets & Lies Videos Last Night

    I enjoyed all of that, and I thought everyone took it in good spirits, except for Skye..........note how she always reverts to being the cry baby and sulking when she wants attention, like last night. Ryan's video was the harshest of anyone's, and he was laughing it off and owning it.
  8. Evan44

    Skye's Sense Of Self-Entitlement

    I enjoyed most of the question and answer sessions the remaining housemates had with Big Brother on last night's episode, EXCEPT for Skye. This girl has tickets on herself, she thinks she deserves to win Big Brother because she now has all this renewed self-confidence that she can achieve...
  9. Evan44

    Which Evicted 2014 Housemates Are You Still Following on Social Media?

    Lawson Cat Sam Sandra Jake Marina I will follow David too on his twitter and facebook.
  10. Evan44

    Who Are Your Favourite 5 Housemates Of 2014?

    1. Lawson 2. Richard 3. Sandra 4. Cat 5. Sam
  11. Evan44

    The Producers Want Priya Evicted Next

    She got a bad edit tonight. That usually means that Alex & co have decided who they want to get punted next. Her fans will need to vote like crazy over the next day or so to save her.
  12. Evan44

    What Turned Me Off David For Good

    When he was asked if he missed Sandra, and he said in reply no, he was happy that all of the evictees had gone home. The dude has forgotten obviously that she was his partner in the perfect couple challenge. In contrast, the much more despised Lawson has always stayed loyal to Aisha. David is an...
  13. Evan44

    The Thread For Non-David And Non-Priya Fans

    Anyone else tired of every thread here being about David and Priya? There are 6 other housemates still left, plus the now evicted ones who people might still be following on social media. Skye or Ryan are more likely to win, in my opinion, Travis could win also if the Aisha fans stick with him...
  14. Evan44

    All The Skye Bashing Threads

    Pretty obvious David fans and Priya fans are targeting Skye because she is a threat to their two favourites winning. Not going to make an iota of difference, Skye's fanbase does not belong to this particular group.
  15. Evan44

    Who Is The Most Arrogant Housemate Left In The Game?

    My votes go to Skye and David
  16. Evan44

    Richard Was Great With Sonia

    If only they had put him into the house in Week 1! Really nice guy!
  17. Evan44

    Put Justynn 2013 Back In

    Oh, I know this will never happen, for obvious reasons, but what the show needs at this point is a real shit stirrer to go in there and cause arguments and piss people off.
  18. Evan44

    Who Else Is Neutral At This Point In the Game?

    The person I was supporting got voted out - Lawson. So now I am sitting on the fence, I am not too invested in anyone remaining in the game. Lina and Richard I would like to see more of, but I am realistic enough to know that their remaining time will be short on the show. I am sitting back and...
  19. Evan44

    Who Do You Think Will Win Big Brother 2014?

    Not who you want to win. My gut feeling: much as she is disliked here and despite the fact she has virtually no fanbase represented here, I still think that Skye will take it out, mostly because her supporters are young teenage girls and they always vote in reality show contests/eliminations.
  20. Evan44

    Please Save Richard This Coming Week

    I like this guy, the more I see of him, he is obviously intelligent and smart and he is not too blokey either, he can easily float between both groups in the house. It would be a shame to send Richard home too early.