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  1. virtueavatar

    Who will host in 2020?

    Tim & Vid
  2. virtueavatar

    House/Studio Location

    Some crazy person even said they were "devastated" that it wasn't going to be at Dreamworld. Really? You're devastated?
  3. virtueavatar

    House/Studio Location

    I don't think it will matter at all where the house is located. We'll only see interior for the most part and I doubt people will think "oh that area is quite small because it is filmed in state X".
  4. virtueavatar

    Survivor US - Island of the Idols

    It doesn't matter how hard they are to warm to, Sandra's comment was spot on. You can tell who can read the room and who can't. Sandra could tell just from what she was saying without even being there all the time.
  5. virtueavatar

    What are you happiest to never hear/see again?

    The voting results here between Travis, Skye and Ryan are telling.
  6. virtueavatar

    Was Ryan winning the ultimate proof this was a bad season?

    Ryan is OK. Probably the most solid choice of the three to win. Travis is entertaining but loses the plot a little (Aisha, Marina, kissing everybody over and over, MASSIV), and let's not talk about Skye's double life. There were better options for HMs to win this year, but that's our fault for...
  7. virtueavatar

    Lina or Penny?

    I prefer Penny over Lina, Skye, Travis, Ryan and Priya. Lina is cool but just played the game in the wrong direction. Fell into a trap with (mostly) Priya's gossip, I think.
  8. virtueavatar

    BBBA 2014 Appreciation Thread (+ Credits)

    Look I just want more podcasts
  9. virtueavatar

    Not one likeable finalist.

    Exactly. I guess you could try and frame it as "playing up to the cameras", because yes there's cameras there and she knew being entertaining is a plus, but that didn't exactly seem like her primary goal.
  10. virtueavatar

    The secrets episode

    That secrets episode was the single best episode of this season. The crew should be patting themselves on the back for putting that one together. It's only a shame that it would probably only work once per season. If memory serves, last year there wasn't much in it. This year with the near...
  11. virtueavatar

    Not one likeable finalist.

    I don't think Penny is playing up to the cameras.
  12. virtueavatar

    Preview for Monday

    I hate to tell you, but she is putting it on. If you take a good look and have a good think about it, you can notice it. She says one thing and means another. The easiest way to tell (albeit it's still not "easy") is through her talks with Priya. What she says sounds agreeable, but she'll say...
  13. virtueavatar

    What is missing?

    That's not how you wipe a TV show from history, though
  14. virtueavatar

    Text 'Aisha' for Travis to win??

    Now more people will vote for Travis.
  15. virtueavatar

    Final Triple Eviction - Who Will Go?

    It's a sad state of affairs, really (unless Penny wins).
  16. virtueavatar

    Who even is Ryan?

    This is an unfair question that hasn't got a specific way to be answered. Tell us how you'd answer the same question for every other housemate, first.
  17. virtueavatar

    Sandra on making something out of nothing

    Very insightful. http://anafternoonofpossibilities.com/2014/11/19/the-write-of-reply/
  18. virtueavatar

    Imagine if Penny won...

    This is a pretty good perspective. I've always said that BB is better when the most contraversial housemates stay in there and the HMs that should be voted out are the ones that like to create safe alliances and group up. This kind of thing worked pretty well last year. The thing I've noticed...
  19. virtueavatar

    BB setting Penny up for the win?

    Penny has had much more positive reception than Boog did.