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  1. chumly

    CBB UK 2018 - Discussion

    If Ann Widdecombe wins, I'm leaving earth, There's no hope for humanity.
  2. chumly

    CBB UK 2018 - Discussion

    From the outset I felt the "Year of the Woman" theme was a tacky grab to ride the coattails of the current zeitgeist originating from the Weinstein scandal. Trying to eke out ratings from institutional misogyny and violence towards women...The Year of the Woman...how ironic. But beyond this...
  3. chumly

    this is the worst season ever

    I think it's the choice of HMs that makes this one of the worst seasons.
  4. chumly

    this is the worst season ever

    It's not slander unless it isn't true. If I'm going to be pedantic about it, you should have said libel, not slander - slander refers to the spoken word, libel to print. And yes, it is "the sane thing" to say this season of BB has been the worst ever. :)
  5. chumly

    Sonia told BB has jumped the shark...

    I bet that even if they did a five or six nights a week hour show on ch9 9.30-10.30pm (so as not to interfere with their precious "family" programming) and GO picked up from 10.30 or midnight and ran live as well as unedited daily footage (a la Up Late) all night, that the ch9 ratings and the...
  6. chumly

    So, when BB14 finishes - Where will you be hanging out?

    I might try to read a book in an effort to grow back some of the brain cells I lost. Probably best to start with one of those books with PVC pages you can read in the bath. Or...I'll play Candy Crush Soda all day.
  7. chumly

    I got the flu. Estelle didnt post. Benjamin: HELP!!

    Yes if the doctors thought he was a danger to himself or others, it would have been a 3 day detention, possibly extended to 28 days (I know this because of experiences with a family member). Which means, happily, that it was probably just an accident with his medication, and it's great that...
  8. chumly

    What have you learned about yourself from BB this year?

    I learnt that I'm not prepared to sit through hours of mindless drivel out of some sentimental attachment to a long-running franchise.
  9. chumly

    Worst part of this year's Big Brother?

    From the get go I think it was poorly cast. I actually think the four intruders being in from the beginning would have been a wiser decision, and weaker HMs such as Jake, Leo, Dion, Cat, Aisha and Lisa could have been sent in later (or not at all!). Unethical as it may be, we all know the...
  10. chumly

    Big Brother moving back to TEN in 2015?

    I choose to BELIEVE!
  11. chumly

    Skye smiling/laughing through Remembrance day ceremony

    I think you can be a staunch pacifist and still respectfully remember the dead without glorifying war on Remembrance Day. It never crosses my mind to think of war as anything except needless and wasteful. Anyway, I don't think Skye's attitude had anything to do with some anti-imperialist comment...
  12. chumly

    Sonia . Tonight. Oh my...

    I kinda loved how she obviously doesn't take herself too seriously.
  13. chumly

    Thank You Channel Nine And Alex

    Let's not get too worked up here. We're talking about a TV network and a producer, not Martin Luther King Jr. I think their "dreams" involved shitloads of cash for themselves. I do hope BB does come back in another incarnation though. One that respects the fundamental premise, the format, the...
  14. chumly

    Who do you want to win?

    I can honestly say none of them. Really.
  15. chumly

    In another world, who would you want to host Big Brother

    OMG I can't tell you how much I hate Carrie Bickmore...paradoxically bland and profoundly irritating at the same time. Rove and Kitty Flannigan also get on my wick, so NO to them too! I'd like a duo, so they can bounce off each other. If we're going for alumni, I'd like to see Chrissie Swan and...
  16. chumly

    Cat was beautiful and dignified right to the end.

    The generosity and compassion of Mother Teresa. The poise and beauty of Audrey Hepburn. The dignity of...someone really dignified. Rest in peace my dear, sweet angel. You shall be sadly missed. 4 EVA.
  17. chumly

    The 4 new intruders are pointless and a waste of time

    I have an idea. Instead of choosing 22 fucking boring, bland as dishwater human sedatives, why not just put in 16 genuinely interesting, diverse people from the start? Then they wouldn't need so many stunts to try to induce people to watch.
  18. chumly

    Jump-In Full Episodes

    Because I'm so appalled by this year's series and the shoddy treatment of BB viewers, even if the eps were posted on JumpIn as soon as they'd aired, I'd still watch elsewhere so as not to give Ch9 stats/ratings.