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  1. Thing

    Whats the most embarrassing thing you've done...

    This one goes back a few years when I was contracted to one of the 4 big banks... I had to report my progress in person to the board of directors at their monthly meetings... One of the directors was a lady & this day she wore a lovely cream lady's dress suit thing - I had just made myself a cup...
  2. Thing

    Episode Day 24 (1/10/2014) Intruder Special

    The daily show & an Intruder Alert special - must be the greatest, bestest show ever ever ...
  3. Thing

    Episode Day 12 (19/09/2014) Daily Show

    I don't think there is a daily show today is there ???
  4. Thing

    Episode Day 59 (Wed 25/09/13) Daily Show & Confidential

    I wonder how the invaders :) have been getting along with the other HM's. Is it tonight one gets the flick or do we just find out who will later be evicted from the 24 hour poll ??
  5. Thing

    Episode Day 52 (Wed 18/09/13): Daily Show & Confidential

    What interesting stuff from the BB house will be rehashed & served up tonight :)
  6. Thing

    Ed's family prostituting him for save votes

    http://leesalittle.com/2013/09/15/big-brother-australias-cheating-controversy/ Apparently Ed's family planned to offer a 'date' with Ed if you spend $50+ on save votes for him when his voting percentages were in serious doubt of getting him through, especially for a dbl eviction... The...
  7. Thing

    Episode Day 24 (21/08/13): BB Tear down that wall

    On the 13th of August 1961 the Berlin Wall was erected, 28 years later it finally came down... In the BB house it didn't even last 28 days, & tonight its comin' down...
  8. Thing

    Episode Day 19 - Daily Show - Friday 16 August 2013

    I'm going to record tonights show cause I see all these comments like - the fence is comin' down & this is happening & that is happening, however us regional viewers don't seem to get the same promo's the city folk get. So tonight I'll record it for the ads (& I bet they won't show any...
  9. Thing

    Josh meets AVA

    So reading the tweets etc I think that Surly gave Josh a challenge & he was successful He then went into the Executive bathroom for some strawb's 'n a bath etc... He then had a captains outfit to put on and meet with Ava in the Capt'ns quarters.. The other HM's panicked at Josh being MIA...