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  1. MJL

    Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?

    Just off the top of my head, the entire package of sponsored prizes and a car given to every evictee, and the KFC Toasted Twister Twists, but there are probably others.
  2. MJL

    Audience laughing at sam because of his mobility issue/disability

    Wait, I don't get it, did something happen with Sam...? Maybe bbfan25 should explain it again. :rolleyes:
  3. MJL

    Most to Least Favourite Housemate List

    No point in ranking them when so many of them are the same. Let's try this: Love: Priya Dion Like: Aisha Jake Lawson David Indifferent: Sandra Lisa Jason Katie Ryan Sam Skye Dislike: Cat Hate: Travis
  4. MJL

    Big brother 2014 failing even greater ?

    Oooh *shiver* I just got Kris Noble-era flashbacks. John, you're not being clear, and you're running out of time. What are you really trying to say about Big Brother? Get to the point.
  5. MJL

    Can a drug user win BB?

    More: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Adam_Jasinski
  6. MJL

    Big brother 2014 failing even greater ?

    Oh John you beautiful psycho. <3
  7. MJL

    So...Back In 2015?

    Gah, I mean Shirley Jones, not Sharon Powers. But it's too late to edit now. :shifty:
  8. MJL

    So...Back In 2015?

    Best case scenario: Nine renews Big Brother but installs a new executive producer. Possibly even ships over someone from Endemol UK, like Sharon "I don't wanna bake cakes, I wanna spin people 'round till they're sick" Powers, who was responsible for (arguably) the best UK series and the biggest...
  9. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    But... When they actually do let her adlib (i.e., after a VT), all we get is "Ahhhh, that was amazing! Wow!" and then she runs back to the comforting bosom of the autocue. :D Maybe she needs a co-host to bounce off.
  10. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    Oh, eww. :stop: This is where you lost me.
  11. MJL

    Eviction Show Format & Ideas

    Oh, huh, OK. This thread exists. I did all my points in the design/stage/titles/etc. thread. Here:
  12. MJL

    Last nights treatment of Gemma was terrible

    Why do you think they stopped the voting as soon as it was decided? O_O
  13. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    Hey, it's better than the Strobing Armchairs. Live show thoughts: Mad Auntie Sonia's entrances are getting awkwarder by the day: I actually loved the live show, though... the latest Monday Night Live and "tonight's" eviction have made everything "click" for me and I've started properly...
  14. MJL

    How a personality can change a persons "hotness"

    Me and my best friend call them "personality swayers". You heard it here first.
  15. MJL

    Eviction Stage design, On-Air Graphics and Theme Song Talk

    Holy fuckballs, that's just too shit to be intentional. This is like the TV equivalent of when kids record "radio shows" in their bedrooms. O_O
  16. MJL

    What would be your dream "All-Stars" cast?

    I posted this in the lies thread earlier, just wondering who everyone else would pick as their All-Star Housemates.
  17. MJL

    The Lies (we know about)

    And isn't that exactly the problem? People these days are very media savvy -- they know about editing, and casting, and since the dawn of "scripted reality" they're more sceptical about whether what they're watching is "real". I don't know if Australia has had anything along the lines of the...
  18. MJL

    The Lies (we know about)

    I guess it'd depend who they could get to sign up. Here are 16 just off the top of my head that would make a decently-solid cast, and it doesn't even include BB01, BB02, BB9, or CBB (haven't seen), BB08 (too bland), or BB11 (too early to pick). Reggie BB03 Chrissie BB03 Ryan (Fitzy) BB04 Bree...
  19. MJL

    The Lies (we know about)

    8 - "All-Stars has never worked anywhere in the world, where it's been done [...] There is no evidence that an All-Stars series works." Yeah, maybe in the alternate universe Alex M lives in where BBUK and BBUSA don't exist (see lie #1). Big Brother All-Stars (USA season 7) was one of my...