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  1. Shaneyboo

    So... Back in forever?

    I'm praying to whatever is out there that we haven't lost big brother permanently, but it looks like things have taken a turn for the worst.
  2. Shaneyboo


    A while ago ( start-ish ) I HATED Travis, and I made a thread about it, especially after arguing with gemma, in his undies, with girls surrounding him. ( I love you gemma) but since then I've realised that he is a genuine all round nice guy. And I want him to win with priya :) With Lina and...
  3. Shaneyboo

    Min bestemor var en kalkun

    Google translate
  4. Shaneyboo

    Penny vs Skye

    Which do you rather, both have similar personality traits. Maybe time for an intruder to win, Skye has shown a nastier side lately ( I think ) or maybe we stick to the original, clumsy, funny Skye...
  5. Shaneyboo

    Keep 1 intruder

    If you had to choose to keep 1 of the 4 New intruders in the house, who would it be?
  6. Shaneyboo


    I'm feeling that lots of this years housemates are more lacking and 'normal'. (compared to last year) Big Brother wouldn't stop advertising that they've picked some AMAZING housemates, but i'm not really seeing it, i mean they are nice just not, well, OOMPH enough. Where is my Ben? where is my...
  7. Shaneyboo

    What do you 'Behind Big Brother' on?

    first of all, behind big brother is now a verb. so what type of them technologies do you use on them forums? For me: hp pavilion g6 laptop Sony xperia z and an ipad 2
  8. Shaneyboo

    Horse Radish

    Just a thread to talk about, and post pictures of horse radish. I'll get this started, with this sexy bunch of horse radish.
  9. Shaneyboo

    Is shaneyboo2424 a 2014 housemate?

    No, the answer is no, shaneyboo is not a 2014 housemate.
  10. Shaneyboo

    BB haters

    As most of you probably know, a lot of people strongly dislike big brother. Me being the Person that I am, I usually argue with them. What reasons do you back BB up with? I usually give them the 'revolutionary' format, and "how would you know if its terrible if you haven't even watched a whole...
  11. Shaneyboo

    Oi eff off, eh trav

    Enough said.
  12. Shaneyboo

    Game BBAU 2014 SWEEPSTAKE No.2 (everybody qualifies)

    This is exactly the same as the original sweepstake, except that you don't have to be on the forums for a year, or have more than 200 posts. I choose housemate #6 Go!
  13. Shaneyboo

    Something's not quite right...

    So this years twist, what do we know? Something isn't quite right, going up and out or something like that. What's happening this year?
  14. Shaneyboo

    I think we have a start date!

    Betting is already available for bbau 2014 and if you look at the top of the Sportsbet bbau page you will see 31/7/14 20:00 which seems about right. Correct me if I'm wrong and it isn't the start date but I don't know what else it could be. Sorry my phone won't let me upload the screenshot but...
  15. Shaneyboo

    BBAU 2014 start date

    Hi, im traveling to the gold coast to see the new housemates enter the BB 2014 house. I would like to book early so i can get cheaper flights. Does any body know the start date? thnx:D