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  1. Consuela

    THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread

    And it's as horrible as it sounds.
  2. Consuela

    Big Brother 2020 auditions

    Oh well there you have it. I don't think I've ever read a T&C. Most likely commited a kidney at some point. Perhaps I should read them more often? 🤔
  3. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Would the casting people/producers really remember little 'ole us? And in these days of sharing your bowel movements on social media would it really be such a mark against you for saying you were applying? Which reminds me. I've read mention of Gretel and Mike. But what about ALEX. Is...
  4. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    The 'BBAU7' twitter account is suspended. In preparation perhaps? Or just me grasping at paper-straws-that-disintegrate-after-five-seconds-because-turtles? Good on you young padawans. Doing it for us oldies who CBF to apply. Remember to send us a shout out if you get on and no hard feelings...
  5. Consuela

    2020 Rewards Room

    We all know the male housemates will use that 10 minutes of 5G for pron. Also I must commend you on your commitment. Already starting your campaign for the Biggest Troll Speccy. 🏆 Time has not weathered you. xo
  6. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    I like the eye. I don't get 7 vibes from it but whether that matters who knows. Google didn't even have 300 users!
  7. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    It's on News.com.au! I will admit I do worry about the casting in this instagram age, but my faith shall overcome. I must be one of the few who actually liked him! So if you're out there @Goon join the party! For selfish reasons I'd rather it be Melbourne as I'd go there to see a show but...
  8. Consuela

    The Bachelor Australia 2019

    Not sure if it was mentioned but their guest appearance on HYBPA was hilariously awkward! I wanted more of it. Ha!
  9. Consuela

    Love Island Australia - Coming to 9Go & 9Now

    NGL I was looking for the #gay tag on that post. None float my boat either. The many tatt guy with the bowl/Spock cut needs a hair intervention yesterday.
  10. Consuela


    I've not watched a single episode. Didn't interest me but if the chatter about it is anything to go by it's definitely coming back. And yes Lindsay is completely lost and here only for the pay cheque.
  11. Consuela

    The Bachelorette 2019

    Thank God I wasn't the only one who thought this. Without a doubt. I will admit though I am keen for the brother being an insider. Kinda wish they'd do it for more than one night though. Ha! Never one to mince your words. I've noticed with The Bachelorette particularly that they're always...
  12. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Set up some tents on top of the charred remains? Are there any other QLD options? That's where it should be but most likely Sydney or Melbourne. So many questions to be answered.
  13. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Don't speak it's name. It'll hear you! 😝 You just want me to get done for murder don't you. I'd rather Scotty Cam host. Ha! I've been around for Survivor thank you very much. So I didn't have to search as hard as you for my login details. xo And you'll be overjoyed to know I am indeed...
  14. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Nooooo. They need to stop trying to make her happen as a host. She's too ~news. Her and that Jessica Rowe (who I think is 7 these days?). I do not want. A comedy type person perhaps? Anne Edmonds? Yes to Live feeds please. Now that I'm more than old enough to have a credit card I could...
  15. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    Whoops! I always think the Block is on 7 for some reason?? What a wonderful hump day surprise this news has been.
  16. Consuela

    Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

    BB is coming BACK!!?!?!?!?!!!!! What sort of black magic miracle! Who will host? Gretel is obviously the dream but I'm not holding my breath. I hardly watch TV live anymore so not up with the Seven hosting options. Please not Shelley Craft and her horrid new hair. That's all I ask. Also HA! at...
  17. Consuela


    Omg thank you! Thank you! It was a bit closer this year. And I'll admit at times I wasn't sure if I would retain the crown. @kxk, @FatPants, @Mr Stickyfingers, even @oddjob were close at various times so congratulations and good tipping to you guys too. And of course a big thanks to...
  18. Consuela

    Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 24 FINALE Discussion

    Were there even any Baden votes? Could have at least read them out and kept it a bit interesting.
  19. Consuela

    Episode Australian Survivor (2019) - Episode 24 FINALE Discussion

    We saw the families like 20 minutes ago. Who cares!!!!