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    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    Chill! Ryan will win. EVERYTHING points to it.
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    Betting Odds 2014

    Nah I still think Ryan has it in the bag, social media all day has him crushing it. All day he has consistantly been #1 on the radar (lol), facebook likes are neck and neck with Travis but twitter and I think instagram pic likes were 400-500 more likes ahead of Skye. Very rarely is social media...
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    Was Ryan winning the ultimate proof this was a bad season?

    Its hilarious how we are all already knowing Ryan wins/won. Lol. I wish the finale was going to be at least a bit suspenseful but Ryan's victory is sticking out like dogs balls. Its as obvious as Tim's win last year, actually possibly moreso I kinda thought Tahan had a fighting chance.
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    Obvious that Ryan is winning this

    Had a peek at facebook and its pretty much how I have stated it, Ryan wins, Travis 2nd, Skye 3rd (so many "Skye needs to go" etc type comments. Its like last year. Tahan had a healthy following but the hatred for her is what threw her out at 3rd, Jade slipped into second which shocked a fair few...
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    Obvious that Ryan is winning this

    Ryan is doing extremely well lately, hes always top 2 (or at worst 3 with a house of 6). In save polls he has been top 2 lately and then you go on Facebook and post about him are hitting 3,000 likes in a matter of 15 mins. Oh yeah and betting has him as the fave last time I looked at like 2.00...
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    Favourite Channel 9 BB Winner

    This is way premature, Skye will get 3rd. Ryan will win tomorrow. Have you not seen social media lately?
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    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Oh wow you hit the nail on the head. Thats what he looks like! Hes got such a kind, loveable energy about him. I want him to win this so bad! :biggrin:
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    Priya Appreciation Society

    Okay I like Priya and going by this place I would think "yeah she has a decent chance actually" especially after the latest ep. However have you all seen facebook (I really think its a good indicator). Priya is possibly equally as hated as Skye on there. Another factor is Ryan, he didnt really...
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    Travis Appreciation Thread

    Speaking of Travis' intelligence, does anyone know if he has a degree? I think I read hes a import co-ordinator. I am fairly sure positions like that you have to have to hold a degree. So he must be smarter than many give him credit for. Although regardless of his level of education I think hes...
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    Rapidly turning off Lina - she's so full of shit!!

    Lina started out so well, she was probably my fave out of the "neighbours" then it all went downhill quickly. She seems a real piece of work, very sour and downtrodden at such a young age. She's in the leagues of Lisa and Katie. And that is NOT a compliment. Now I'm annoyed just remembering Lisa...
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    Ben Zabel recovering from overdose - Support for him

    Poor guy, I mean how far down do you have to go and what a dark place before you think what he did is a your only option. I really hope he makes a full recovery and finds all the things he wants in life. Its a struggle but I have full faith that with great people around him he will make it...
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    Final 6: Who do you want to win and why?

    I had this in the "why Travis whould win thread" but here it is again. I also like Ryan well enough so if he wins good job. But for Travis... I would be very pleased with a Travis win. Travis to me seems very affable and has a real kind energy about him. I remember reading somewhere that Jason...
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    Why Travis Should Win

    I would be very pleased with a Travis win. Travis to me seems very affable and has a real kind energy about him. I remember reading somewhere that Jason said something like he wasnt sure how a real blokey bloke like Travis would be with him and to Jason's total shock Travis wasnt just nice in...
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    Final Triple Eviction - Who Will Go?

    I think it will be an all girl eviction. Lina, Penny and either Skye/Priya. Voted Lena/Penny/Skye as I think we are about to get our 'shock' of the year just before the finale... I can see Skye going, the tide has really turned for her and she is not getting as close as top 2 anymore. The boys...
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    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    I actually voted first time this series and only once but it was for Priya, mainly cause I knew it was between her and David and I really, really couldnt stand him. Seeya bud!:p To be honest now the 4 contenders Im happy with whoever wins. Great! :)
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    Betting Odds 2014

    SportsBet - Next Eviction Priya - 1.50 David - 3.50 Skye - 5.00 Ryan - 9.00 Priya's fucked. Outside chance is Skye, I can definitely see her going tonight..
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    Ryan appreciation thread

    Havent been watching the show as frequently at all but when I do I like Ryan more and more. I have a tonne of spare credit that I keep adding to to get rid of by mid Dec so thinking of flittering a bunch of it on votes for Ryan should be make the finals. For a couple reasons, Ryan would make a...
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    Betting Odds 2014

    So I called Aisha and Leo before odds were released for this eviction, also have announced Skye will not be winning (Ryan will). Anyone else wanna know anything, aside from next weeks lotto, not quite that good just yet! :p