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    I made a gif of Ryan with his fingers in Tom's asshole! :D

    OMG! Could this be the the 2014 incarnation of MLS (massive loser squad) scandal circa 2004? Maybe it's a signal to the outside world!!!!1111
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    The real skye

    What the fuck? Totally flabbergasted.
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    Someone been messing with the Big Brother Wikipedia page...

    I don't think that's true... someone had sourced something... let me try and find it.
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    Behind Big Brother podcast is back

    Babes step away from that pipe. We're recording right now hunay!
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    Priya Appreciation Society

    Quote of the week
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    Behind Big Brother podcast is back

    Thxbbs. I'm #gretel4lyf
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    Behind Big Brother podcast is back

    I'm (Da)vid. @Dave is a different guy and yes he used to do the Saturday Night Live thing. Some other asshole has the David username so I've just stayed as is.
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    Behind Big Brother podcast is back

    I think this is going to be the biggest podcast EVER!
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    2014: Best Moment - Worst Moment: A BB insight.

    The worst is every time they use the phrase "this will change everything" - generally followed by the announcement of thirty new intruders.
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    Whose "it's time to go" do you prefer, Gretel's or Sonia's?

    Gretel, obvs. No one will can beat the pro.
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    The Intruder - Ryan aka Leo - Model/Personal Trainer

    His Instagram has also been deleted. @i_am_ryan_burke
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    The Intruder - Ryan aka Leo - Model/Personal Trainer

    Here's a modelling profile. Not surprising. Can someone do a mouth matchup?
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    Episode Day 16 (23/09/2014) Live EVICTION #1

    OK so this is the worst Big Brother site in the history of Big Brother sites. Check out this hot mess: I wonder how much KFC paid to be a sponsor on this show - and they get a half-baked gallery? No...
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    Tim Dormer back in the House

    Someone remind me if no contact with the outside world is the most important part of this experiment? I think the producers have forgotten.
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    Skye in a relationship?

    Great sleuthing.
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    Predict the Sunday Start Time

    Mkay well this thread is dead boring.
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    What's this?

    Maybe @Tim was too drunk to actually upload the file. Stranger things have happened.