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  1. kltaylor


    I feel Lawson is the most personable and is making the most effort to interact with fans and keep them supporting him for a reason. He replies to many followers on twitter and does lots of shout outs. Cat also responds to followers on instagram, the other day she gave advice re: pregnancy. Good...
  2. kltaylor

    My BBAU Housemate Ranking

    Preference only - 22. Marina 21.Lina 20. Tom 19.Richard 18. Sam 17. Katie 16. Lisa 15. Gemma 14. Dion 13. Sandra 12. Jake 11.Leo 10.Priya 9.Aisha 8.Cat 7.Penny 6.Skye 5.Jason 4.Travis 3.David 2.Lawson 1.Ryan
  3. kltaylor

    Travis Appreciation Thread

    No sorry but it's was 90.9 sea fm Gold Coast
  4. kltaylor

    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    Hated Priya's dress. Tacky shade of red! Loved Cats dress most! Lisa looked very smacky like again.
  5. kltaylor

    Skye: Drunk Tonight?

    Those 3 glasses were sitting there empty for so long. When they announced the winner they were empty. I thought it was kind of embarrassing on BBs part
  6. kltaylor

    Travis Appreciation Thread

    Ryan was just in an interview on the radio and was asked "Who looked the best naked?" And he said "Hands down Travi, he's got a good weapon on him" he then went on to say "he's at least got a good foot long". Pretty funny. He then said he would've hooked up with Katie.
  7. kltaylor

    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    Is this a fucking joke... what about Ebola and the ISIS stuff!
  8. kltaylor


    They've just tweeted this morning that 5 of the past favourite HMs will be there.. yep, looks like the end...
  9. kltaylor

    Could Lawson Or Cat Have Won Big Brother If They Hadn't Hooked Up In The House?

    I definitely think Lawson would have at least made the final 3. And I think Cat would have been in with a chance too. Not so much because she's super likeable but more so because of the insertion of 4 extra HMs throwing the whole thing out of wack and essentially making originals last longer.
  10. kltaylor

    The Secrets & Lies Videos Last Night

    So boring it literally put me to sleep. . Hmmmff!
  11. kltaylor

    Text 'Aisha' for Travis to win??

    So are we thinking the Aisha votes will be counted? I know they 'should' be but do we think they actually will or just say they did? Pretty embarrassing on ch9 part...
  12. kltaylor

    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Priya's 5 o'clock shadow is starting to drive me insane!
  13. kltaylor

    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Pretty sure it's not just about "singing a song".. Ryan has lived with Skye acting like a fucking child for 3 months.. I'd lose my cool too!
  14. kltaylor

    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Seems this is the nail you were talking about @Rudiger!
  15. kltaylor

    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Tonight will be the deciding factor on who wins big brother. This is their last chance to show us why we love or hate them. No doubt the editors will stuff it up though.