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  1. nobo71

    Will Big Brother be back in 2023?

    And unfortunately those were the best series in years for BBUK
  2. nobo71

    Is anyone else a guaranteed winner?

    Honestly out of this cast, I think Trevor would have been the other one that would have gotten a pretty guaranteed chance to win alongside Dave and Reggie
  3. nobo71

    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 31 FINALE Discussion (12 July, 7.30pm)

    I know you guys already know but I'd figure I would still post it
  4. nobo71

    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 13 Discussion (1 Jun, 7:30pm)

    As of the end of this week, Tim has spent 202 Days (so far) in the three seasons he has been in, making him 28th in the world in days inside the house.
  5. nobo71

    CBB US - Season 3

    Yeah, feeds have been funny and some gameplay. Kattan has been gold for television. He has no idea where he is
  6. nobo71

    CBB US - Season 3

    Well feeds night 1 was GOLD
  7. nobo71

    Big Brother Australia 2022 - Back To The Future - Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    Big Brother VIP Cancelled for 2022 "Big Brother: VIP, previously announced for 2022, is not proceeding." Source:
  8. nobo71

    CBB US - Season 3

    As an American, I knew half the cast that came out. The younger ones I had no idea who they were. But basically I'll know them all within a month anyways.
  9. nobo71

    BBVIP to air in UK, BB12/13 in the US

    BBAU has only a bunch of physical endurance challenges. We need some more booth competitions, puzzles, etc. Make things more fair and eliminate all the fake evictions
  10. nobo71

    BBVIP to air in UK, BB12/13 in the US

    Thanks for using my graphic 👍
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    Big Brother Australia 2022 - Back To The Future - Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    That is true. The returning players are the stars, just like when you have gameshows like Hollywood Squares or The Match Game. Nobody cares about the newbies, only the big names. But for Tim, if he woulda survived and made the Final 2, I think everything knew he would have won. The Jury was...
  12. nobo71

    BBAU 2022: Your pre-recorded opinions

    Oh time to do the catch the ball before the buzzer task, I'm gonna take a quick shower
  13. nobo71

    BBAU Rewatch

    Oh you get to see the rise and sharp fall all in a few month, good luck with that
  14. nobo71

    Episode BBVIP 2021 - Episode 8 Discussion (16 November, 7:30pm)

    This episode would be a good episode wasn't for the twist. If it was a double last episode, and then a normal eviction today, it would work. Stop forcing all of these twists and let the game act naturally. But this is 7 who goes crazy everytime it starts to slow down
  15. nobo71

    CBB US - Season 3

    At least this one is live...
  16. nobo71

    BB VIP 2021 - Ratings Thread

    Imagine how low those ratings would be if she was still cast...yikes
  17. nobo71

    Construction starts on new house in Sydney Olympic Park

    Looking back, I think that is from right after that initial challenge. Cause you can see Omarosa in the back
  18. nobo71

    Episode BBVIP 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (3 November, 7:30pm)

    Did he even watch the season of Big Brother that literally was airing as he entered the that's got to be a easy thing to do when your in lockdown
  19. nobo71

    Episode BBVIP 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (3 November, 7:30pm)

    The format is do-able. But instead of letting natural drama occur, they want to force it. That was the problem for BBUK until the very end when they switched producers and had a good final CBB and Civilian