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  1. Aisha > Tahan

    Katie, Lisa and Jake

    How good is it that these three muppets got evicted early and missed out on all the fun in the house in recent weeks? Not to mention the public exposure. Natural justice served ... suckers!
  2. Aisha > Tahan

    I finally worked out who Ryan looks like

    Great get! Several alrernatives were mentioned in the doppelganger thread - Leo DiCaprio, Val Kilmer - but none quite nailed it. Congrats, your persistence paid off :)
  3. Aisha > Tahan

    Priya Appreciation Society

    Priya has gotten morbidly obese in there.
  4. Aisha > Tahan

    Did BB do a backflip live on air?

    As I posted in an earlier thread, Travis is streets ahead of the others and pretty much has the game won 6 weeks out from the finish. Mavroidakis knows this and knows a competitive finish will garner better storylines and higher ratings. That's why he wants one or both of Trav and Baby Aish...
  5. Aisha > Tahan

    Prediction: Cat will pounce on Leo

    She has played cat and mouse with him, never really ever fully giving over.
  6. Aisha > Tahan

    Prediction: Cat will pounce on Leo

    Not Leo's type. He prefers girls who play a bit hard-to-get over morally deprived desperados.
  7. Aisha > Tahan

    The Fattening 2014

    Priya is absolutely HUGE now. Waddling around the house like a Bombay duck!
  8. Aisha > Tahan

    Mike Goldman Not Interviewing 'Evicted' HMs families?

    Mike Goldman has made the inevitable transition from young, fun and quirky ... to middle-aged, lame and just a tad creepy. That's why.
  9. Aisha > Tahan

    Clearly BB knows Trav will win BB2014

    No other reason to go down this path. If Trav's smart he'll stay and take home the $200k
  10. Aisha > Tahan

    Marina is Hot

    Stuff the haterz ... I like this girl's face I like this girl's body I like this girl's husky Russki voice And I like her don't give a damn 'tude Marina would give a dog a bone!
  11. Aisha > Tahan

    Cat the seductress...

    Don't know about the tramp stamp but but I've received a few blowies from girls with tongue piercings and let me tell you ... it's stimulating!
  12. Aisha > Tahan

    Cat the seductress...

    She has sex appeal. And her vulnerability and sluttiness might also appeal to some. Cat is very far from unattractive. Lawson on the other hand .... that big round Andrew Gaze head. What's the appeal there!
  13. Aisha > Tahan

    Marina: Worst intruder ever?

    I think Marina is quite sexy but god knows why BB would put an intruder in there who already has a partner on the outside. Just dumb. The worst ever intruder was that hyper sensitive bear gay guy Nathan from last year.
  14. Aisha > Tahan

    Travis' BIG re-entry into the house

    Did they do it because Trav looked like winning the thing in a landslide and locking him away from view for three days was the only way to give other housemates a chance to bridge the gap?
  15. Aisha > Tahan

    David's Strategy Talk??

    Anyone who thinks Skye is some kind of Machiavelluan evil genius has deadset rocks in their head. Probably more in fact than Skye does. Imagine Dave coming down off a two-day coke bender ... the paranoia!!
  16. Aisha > Tahan

    Travis' BIG re-entry into the house

    What the f...k was that all about? Barely got a reaction from the housemates when he went back in. Lamest "twist" ever. Total non-event.
  17. Aisha > Tahan


    Skye's spelling. Wow.
  18. Aisha > Tahan

    The kiss that divides the house

    Cat is hotter than his gf.
  19. Aisha > Tahan

    The kiss that divides the house

    Go Toe Fucker ... Make yo Mumma proud!