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  1. destroy_robots

    BBUK 2016 - Series discussion

    I am proud of the fact that I have finally got my parents into BBUK this year. In recent years, my mum has shown a bit of an interest, but now we are all watching.
  2. destroy_robots

    BBUK 2016 - Series discussion

    Bit late to the forum party (I forgot about this forum and then remembered that it would cover BBUK). Like the last few series, I've been watching on Youtube. I've just watched the Charlie eviction, and I say good, as I wanted her or Chelsea to be evicted. With only a few weeks to go of this...
  3. destroy_robots

    "Big Brother" UK: Timebomb

    Ahh, you gotta have a theme, an opening night twist. you cant just chuck in a bunch of people and let it go.
  4. destroy_robots

    Prisoner / Wentworth

    The producers have said it's not a prequel or even a remake, more of a "retelling" which to me means "remake" as far as TV shows are concerned.
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    I was only little when The Young Ones came out, but I remember first watching it when I was about 12 or 13. My sister's boyfriend at the time had them all recorded on VHS and swore that I would love it. I watched one episode, and I was hooked. I remember asking other kids at school "have you...
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    Who will be Auditioning for Big Brother Australia 2015?

    There is no way I would apply these days for a few reasons: 1. I can't get 3 months off from nursing, no matter whether I have enough leave or not. (long story.) 2. I have seen how past HM's social media accounts have been uncovered, not that I have anything to hide, but I wouldn't want photos...
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    Shit season of Big Brother?

    Exactly - I don't care about product placement if it means we get the proper show. I don't mind seeing them all sitting around eating KFC as long as they are actually talking about things besides chicken. Or even Ambi Pur, I don't mind BB ordering housemates to freshen up the house as long as...
  8. destroy_robots

    Shit season of Big Brother?

    I thought the show itself was good, if limited in what it could do, but we only have Channel Nein to blame for that. I mean, sure, their three reality shows are BB, The Block, and The Voice, but BB is a show that needs to be shown every day or at least 5-6 days a week. I don't watch The Block...
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    How do you think the series would have gone if it was Vote to EVICT?

    I never considered the thing about saving bigger personalities, but I agree that Vote to Evict does it's job. I suppose everyone will have their theories based on who they like, but I just like the idea of how it would have gone instead of Vote to Save
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    How do you think the series would have gone if it was Vote to EVICT?

    I apologise if this has already been discussed... I have never been a fan of the system "Vote to Save". I can understand why they do it (more money to be made from somebody saving their faves instead of voting for ONE person they dislike), but I've always felt that it changes the outcome of the...
  11. destroy_robots

    My thoughts on Ryan winning

    I would like to think that votes are counted by an independent source, it would be the only fair way to do it. Having said that, do we even know if they're counted by someone not affiliated with the show? Also, whats to stop the producers saying "we'll give you $100 each week if we can tell you...
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    Housemate Tweets

    Cat's reaction was the best. I have a new respect for her.
  13. destroy_robots

    My thoughts on Ryan winning

    I just didn't want him to win, because I was going for Skye. Travis and Ryan were picked as being in the final very early on, so either of them winning is hardly a suprise, and hardly rivetting TV.
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    Big Brother All Stars........A Good Idea For 2015 or 2016?

    An All-stars *may* work, but only if it includes winners/notable HM's from non-Aussie BB a well. Global All Stars if you will. Our best HM's, put in a house with UK's best, USA's best, etc..
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    Big Brother is like a PRISON

    I have no idea how I did a quote in a quote with my last post :/
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    Look, Channel Nein fucked up with the whole vote for Travis thing... HOWEVER: I should think those who were voting for Travis had enough sense to not put Aisha's name in the text, or if they were calling the 0055 number, they would have had Travis' number memorised. Simple as that. The only...
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    Big thankyou to the admins, and even bigger thankyou to the fans I have interacted with on the forums this year, after a few years of lurking. Big changes will be coming to my profile where I'll remove the _ from my name.
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    Big News About The Finale

    Look they always get the same HM's to return to these shows. I suppose I'd be the same for a free trip. To be fair, they bring back the memorable ones or winners, or one's who live on the GC/Brisbane. Just once I'd love to see a bunch and go "oh yeah, I forgot about them".
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    If you had your time over - what is your ideal eviction order?

    Final 3: David, Sandra, Jason Next 3: Pryia, Aisha, Penny Not too fussed about the rest.