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    Where Are They Now?

    Tim Brunero is currently filling in for Tony Delroy's Nightlife on ABC Local Radio (10pm - 2am). This is his twitter: I'm not sure what the protocol is for linking articles; I found this of Tim being interviewed about his BB experience. Ref: SMH from Scott...
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    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    So what do you think would suit her body type? Is it because it makes her look a little dumpy? (Sorry Priya fans). Maybe an evening dress with a similar top to her navy bathers - halter necked and fitting on the bust.
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    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    That must be her "thing" because the dress she wore on her eviction night had exactly the same effect.
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    Best & Worst Dressed On The Finale?

    As per @RealityJunkieQueen's post #6, Lisa's outfit did look a bit 80's but I thought it was "classy", as in she didn't have everything on display. However, that didn't cut it with the cameraman / producers because when Lisa was first speaking, all we saw was Katie and her prominent boobs...
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    Who even is Ryan?

    I didn't know whether to post this in the "Does Priya know how to have fun?" thread started by @reepbot or here. Last night when Sonia said "You know the housemates so well by now" I went HUH??? We do??? Sonia then proceeded to contradict her own statement by showing Priya's eviction package...
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    Priya vs. Travis

    I recently did a search on what constitutes passive aggressive behaviour and wanting to get the last word in is one of the behaviours that fall within the definition, which is what Travis accused Priya of doing all the time. The key to me of the whole situation is POWER AND CONTROL, which...
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    Most forgetful housemate this year?

    But what about her clothes!!!!!!! So BB can remind Skye about her mic, but he omits to tell her to put clothes on when she nudes-up. Mmmmm, BB could be the most forgetful but he's ruled out due to a technicality - he's not a "housemate".
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    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    I started to feel sorry for her because some of the comments really were mean but the reservoir of goodwill I had for Skye at the beginning has almost dried up; I now find her behaviour very alienating. #It was said last night that Skye wants to be treated like an adult but behaves like a...
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    Skye's naked strategy

    I am happy they included that. I wonder, if David hadn't let the cat out of the bag, would they still have or did they just do it because they felt their hand was forced? Also, would viewers at home who don't frequent these kind of forums, comprehend the full significance of Penny's words (she...
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    Skye's naked strategy

    As well as diminishing the entertainment for us, the audience, I consider these sort of tactics to be mean spirited, along the lines of: My drawing is not as good as yours so I'm going to cover yours in dog-poo so no-one else can enjoy it. When the housemates were introducing themselves Skye...
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    What Marketing / Advertising Opportunities Await Housemates? That there in red is a euphemism for sex, if ever I heard one. It got me thinking of a conversation that Davis must've had 75 times with different women: Chloe (panting): Ohhhh GOD, I'm nearly there...
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    If housemates were Rap Artists....

    Results from computer rap name generator. Accuracy is eerie. Generates multiple names - I did not make any of these up RYAN: R Smirk RYZA: Ryza Doggie a.k.a. Vile Block SKYE: Sinista Frost S Skye Chill or S Bomb PRIYA: Slick Priya P Malice a.k.a. Krazy Cobra DAVIS: Furious Bad D...
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    If housemates were Rap Artists....

    Travis: Ludacris. (Sorry, this isn't his rap name, it's actually how he spells "ludicrous") Travis: JIZ-Z Penny: Busty Rhymes Jason: GIMP-ELSTILTSKIN I think I got rap names mixed up with PORN STAR NAMES Aisha: Rappa Chick Lina: GRIM-ICE
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    Who Is The Most Arrogant Housemate Left In The Game?

    @Evan44, Do the housemates appear on the list in the order of your personal rankings, because the poll results (thus far) roughly mirrors the list order. By placing Skye at the top rather than listing alphabetically, Skye is more likely to get the donkey* vote so this poll is subtly biased...
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    Priya's alliances

    If you'd been locked in the BB House for over two months without your husband, what kind of appliance do you think would be her first choice? Maybe she should get $2,000 worth of batteries.
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    Priya's alliances

    Even if Skye's name is written on the cheque with a Sharpie, Ryan would "wash" the cheque with household bleach, ink in his own name and up the amount to $500,000. Dave's cheque would be made out to Davis but that's okay, the bank teller would still accept it. His name will be scratched in...
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    Is David jealous of Lina?

    If anything, I thought Lina's boyfriend had a touch of the Davis in his appearance: the beard, the brown hair, the long face; if you stood them side by side it is believable that they could be brothers. Whilst not a "total babe", her boyfriend does have attractive qualities: I heard them...
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    David and 75?

    That's a good point I hadn't thought of. WE NEED TO KNOW MORE: Are they animate or inanimate. And does that matter to him or not? I once came across a comedy sketch where two men were arguing over orgasms, insisting they knew what a female sounds like when she comes. One said he knew...
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    Family/Friends Noms Best Ever?

    @Michka26 Well, they do have the same hair colour.