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  1. pornstache

    I would be happy for Skye to win

    You have to admit it, Skye's win would be warranted as she truly has worked so hard from the start to be entertaining enough to keep her in the house. Im not trying to compare the housemates together, Im just saying she has worked reasonably hard to win, which is why I would be happy.
  2. pornstache

    Pornstache Portaits

    Im a huge fan of graphic design and big brother so I thought why not combine the two together. Hopefully everyday I will post a new portrait of a housemate, and I encourage you to post your art here as well! Feel free to request a portrait of your favourite housemate, however, I will need a...
  3. pornstache

    Impersonate a BBB user

    Post like a Behind Big Brother user
  4. pornstache

    David and 75?

    Do you really think David has slept with 75 people?
  5. pornstache

    I am offended, insulted and repulsed

    What the FUCK is this?
  6. pornstache

    Operation save Penny

    Spare a penny and vote to save Penny
  7. pornstache

    What gender are you?

    Are you male, female, both, or neither?
  8. pornstache

    Least favourite housemate of all time?

    Who is your least favourite housemate of all time?
  9. pornstache

    Favourite housemate of all time?

    Who is your favourite housemate of all time?
  10. pornstache

    Are teachers the best housemates?

    I have noticed that two significant housemates in both 2013 and 2014 have both been teachers. Priya and Mikkayla. Im not saying theyre the best but both Priya and Mikkayla are great in the sense you either love them or you hate them, they divide opinions both inside the house and outside. What...
  11. pornstache

    What's your biggest fear?

    For me it's Snakes, I would rather shit in my hands and clap than hold a snake.
  12. pornstache

    Who's Packin?

    Thought I would dedicate a thread to all the dickpigs on here, post who you think is large and incharge
  13. pornstache

    No housemates worth saving

    Does anyone else agree that with the exception of Priya and somewhat Skye, there are no real characters worth spending your money to help keep in the house? Last year we had a HUGE amount of housemates with large personalities that you wanted to save, ie: Tim, Tahan, Mikkayla, and r̶o̶h̶a̶n̶ ;)...
  14. pornstache

    Rupauls Drag Race

    Gentleman, start your engines and may the best women SLAY Honestly, if you haven't heard of this show you need to watch it. It is so good, and season 6 even features former Australian Idol contestant Courtney Act
  15. pornstache

    Week 2 Eviction - Who Do You Want To Evict?

    Who do you want to go home this week
  16. pornstache

    The Holy Trinity and their Founding Father

    Have you discovered the Holy Trinity and their Founding Father yet? Let the light in xx
  17. pornstache

    Favourite HM Team : First Impressions - Launch Night 1

    Would have done individual housemates but not enough poll choices....
  18. pornstache

    What type of housemate would you like?

    Im not sure if this thread has already been made, however, Im curious as to what kind of housemates you would be interested to see enter the Big Brother house tomorrow?