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    Rumour: Big Brother Back This Summer on Nine

    There are rumours going around that Nine is set to revive Big Brother this summer.
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    The Rich House

    Seven are showing their own version of Big Brother next year. It will be called The Rich House and it will consist of 12 strangers living in a fancy house and competing in challenges. The losers will go live in the bunker. This seems to be Sevens version of Big Brothers rich-poor twist. Could...
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    Gretel Killeen Guest Co-Host on The Project this Friday

    Hey, I just thought some of you might like to know that Gretel Killeen will be co-hosting The Project on Friday. Gretel Killeen guest co-host for The Project Under-utilised Gretel Killeen joins The Project on Friday night as co-host and Russell Crowe will also make a studio visit this week...
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    Error with Dreamworld Ticketing System

    According to this, tickets are being sold for February 2nd 2016: Choose an event below to continue NOV11 Dreamworld Studios in Dreamworld, QLDBig Brother Live Eviction ShowAUD $18.00 - AUD $50.00 6:45pm - 9:30pm Buy Tickets NOV12 Dreamworld Studios in Dreamworld, QLDBig Brother Live...
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    Episode Day 33 (10/10/2014) Daily Show

    Apparently tonight someone talks in depth about nominations and gets penalised for it.
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    The Radar

    There has been a new section added to the official Big Brother website called "The Radar": Look out for Big Brother's Radar starting tonight when the Housemates enter the Big Brother House. I wonder if that's just the new name for the "Live" Updates.
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    Big changes comi to Big Brother starting next week

    Article from Official website: Next week the Divide that has kept our Housemates in two separate camps will fall. And with its demise comes the rise of some more chaos and tell-all conversation complements of Big Brother! Double Trouble For Our Six Nominees Launching with a huge Double...
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    Cant access Behind BigBrother website on computer

    Hey for some reason I havent able to access this site since 8 pm Wednesday night on my mac computer.I have Telstra broadband. It works fine on my phone using my mobile data. Any reason for this?
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    OMG!! Angie is so paranoid about Estelle

    This is from one of the live updates today: Angie enters the Bathroom and small-talks with Layla. Estelle follows and pops past them to the loo. Layla asks Angie what she plans to say in her Eviction video that will play to the audience, but Angie refuses to discuss it ‘until she goes’...