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  1. torifrog

    Hmm .. scared now!

    Was just reading some stuff on FB from my 25yo daughter who's currently in Canada and noticed three people had "liked" a comment. One of them was "Mike Goldman". Yeah ... the real ome. Dunno how I feel about that!
  2. torifrog

    Who the hell is THALIA?

    I am so tired of seeing the girl's name spelled wrong. It shows no respect at all, which is pretty ironic, given I've seen posts along the lines of "I really feel for THALIA. I hope she is coping OK.... Good luck Thalia!" etc I don't even like Tully, but TAHLIA has shown some real balls, and...
  3. torifrog

    Predict the next noms superpower

    So far we've seen that 3 were used previously, though a little tweaked. Let's try and guess which one will be next, or suggest new ones. Here are the ones used last year (italics show powers used already this year - tweaking noted beside power): In Week 4's nominations, Estelle was able to...
  4. torifrog

    Who is the narcissist?

    I wanted to double check my understanding of narcissism after Ed and Caleb discussing Tim's supposed self label as a narcissist. Wikipedia (I know, not a brilliant source, but good enough for this discussion) list the following signs and traits: "A 2012 popular book on power-hungry...
  5. torifrog

    I don't hate Michael, BUT ...

    WHY does he have to put on stupid indefinable accents when he's "on show" or telling a joke (eg. as master of ceremonies in Starstruck)? It drives me mental. USE YOUR NORMAL VOICE!!!! You sound ridiculous enough without trying to sound funny.... /over
  6. torifrog

    Speaking of housemates and Scientology ... Status: Single Here for: Friends Hometown: Coolvile Orientation: Not Sure Body type: 173cm / Body builder Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Religion: Scientologist
  7. torifrog

    The houseplan is still available....

    The one with the BBBA watermark, even! Dunno if you guys want to know the address so you can talk to the site owners? I'm not going to post the URL here, cos I don't want you lot getting into more strife. Pls PM me if you want the URL. Tori