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  1. tedfthis

    What is the Latest Betting to Win BB 2013

    With Ben having been the bookies odds on favourite to win BB 2013, I presume that they now have Tim as their odds on favourite to win BB 2013. Has anyone seen any new betting, since Bens surprise eviction? I think the last betting I saw was Ben $1.80 Tim $2.80
  2. tedfthis

    Will Jade be Able to Keep Her Mouth Shut?

    Having the superpower this week, Jade obviously wanted to try and save either herself or Ed. She actually chose the 3 housemates who all gave Ed points. I can't see Jade lasting the week without trying to convey to Ed, that she tried to save him from being nominated. Then, I wonder if Big...
  3. tedfthis

    BB Housemates 2013 with Prior Media Connections

    There is usually someone in the house each series, who has had some sort of media connection, whether it be by being a band or former band member or on radio, or a model or actor wannabe. There seems to be an inordinate number of such contestants this year. Tim was touted as a student, but he...
  4. tedfthis

    Ben Chucks Mr Clooney

    I thought that the way Ben handled Mr Clooney in a recent episode, was very heavy handed. He literally chucked the dog off his bed several times. It was good to see that Mr Clooney won the battle though, but animal lovers, won't have liked Ben's attitude towards the house pet.
  5. tedfthis

    Order of Naming Safe Housemates - Next Eviction

    For dramatic effect, they usually leave one of the safest housemates in the line-up of evictees, down to the last 2 or 3. What order do you think Sonia will announce them as safe. They dont seem to grasp, that she says "In no particular order", before saving them. I predict this order: 1st...
  6. tedfthis

    The Great Australian Bake Off

    What a pathetic prize, a trophy like the kids get for playing football or tennis. No mention of any prizes, monetary or otherwise. I think they will be pushing shit uphill to find contestants for another series. I thought the challenge that they had in Round 1, the checkerboard cake, was one of...
  7. tedfthis

    Australian MasterChef 2013 Finale

    What a pathetic MasterChef 2013 finale. Some of the kids that were on a previous Junior Masterchef, would have beaten these poor performers. No Peter Gilmore or Adriano Zumbo creations in the Grand Finale, probably for the reason, that none of the contestants were competent enough, to execute...
  8. tedfthis

    What Will be Tullys Nominations Super Power?

    They are recycling the nominations super powers from previous series. We have seen the one where a housemate gets to double 2 peoples points and one where they get to listen in to 3 housemates nominating. What are some other good ones that they could use? I would like to see the one that...
  9. tedfthis

    Anyone Pissed off With Obvious Nominations Talks

    Is anyone else pissed off with the obvious nominations talk in just about every show, by different groups. They are virtually telling each other how to vote now. They know that 7 points put someone in the halfway house this week, so it only needs 2 people to give Mikkayla 4 points each and she...
  10. tedfthis

    The Thursday Night Switch

    Has anyone given any thought to what gimmick will be used this week to determine which housemates are swapped from the Safe side, to the Halfway side? I dont think it will be so obvious as another phone call, because half the housemates would break their necks getting to the phone and the other...