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    Skye - Got a pass through auditions?

    Her personal Facebook account was posted on the Big Brother Facebook page yesterday and there's a goldmine of stuff on it. But this one surprised me. December 5? Auditions were like 4 months away lol. At first i thought she was being optimistic about her chances but then this came up AND...
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    So this was just posted on the Jump-In site...back in 2015? I don't wanna get my hopes up but..... i think this might mean it's coming back next year.....
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    Travis Vs Priya (Preview)

    Shit WILL go down.
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    Why Travis Should Win

    I tried this thread earlier but shit went 0 to 100 real quick and got heated so it was locked. So discuss Travis eligibility to win here. I basically said he deserves to win for his genuine approach and the way he has treated his housemates whilst maintaining an entertaining and fun image.
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    Travis To Win Big Brother

    Okay so during the first eviction I was kinda hoping he was going home. The loudness, having Aisha and Skye by his side in bed while he slagged off the other girls, 'Travia' and other things, but I've come to realize he was just misunderstood. Travis is a real genuine dude who obviously loves...
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    This Season

    This year has some of the best housemate selection ever. Most of you 'purists' (fancy word for hater) probably just did this But i honestly really like how this season has played out with just a quarter of it to go. I can honestly see 6 different people winning right now and in past...
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    David going 0 to 100 real quick on Skye

    Replay value in this video is too real
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    Someone been messing with the Big Brother Wikipedia page... Read.
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    Skye's behind get's another ad

    I like her and her bum as much as the next guy but it's sad that they have been brought down to using her arse and comparing it to Kim K (at least Skye's is real) as the first advertisement for the next show. Not that i'm complaining though....
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    Oi guys

    I think Cat's gonna be safe this week. She's getting a lotta support on Facebook All praise the mature blonde MILF that looks like a school teacher which may or may not make me more attracted to her. Lawson getting that experienced pussy #knowsthego
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    If Big Brother was high school

    I know it sort of is anyway, but still... Travis would be that loud dude who sits at the back and makes jokes non-stop and people hated him but were mad nice to his face, and Skye would be the female equivalent of him Cat would have almost certainly been the chick who gets sloppy drunk at...
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    Will Travis & Aisha take the money?

    I would hope not.