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    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 21 Discussion (21 June, 7:30pm)

    The part of Taras arguing with Tully over the drinks was all part of Tara's game play. He set the argument up so that he could have a reason to put Tully up, if he won.
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    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 19 Discussion (15 June, 7:30pm)

    They were in the "Waiting Room" before the Challenge or the nominations happened. They don't know what's going on.
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    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 17 Discussion (13 June, 7:30pm)

    That's true but it annoys me that Tim has not been nominated at all.
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    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 17 Discussion (13 June, 7:30pm)

    Yeagh, Drew seems to have to attach himself in some kind of relationship. I agree he does seem very grumpy as well. Tim use to make me laugh. Although at times, Tim did get on my nerves in his 1st season. This season, Tim just seems mean. I don't like him at all.
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    Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 16 Discussion (8 June, 7:30pm)

    I actually don't care who takes him out. He's getting on my nerves. I hope someone does soon.