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  1. Brett

    Remember when you couldn't talk about noms

    Yeah Remember when WE chose the housemate to be evicted and the housemates did not expect it (yeah when it was actually "you decide") Remember when there was a live audience for eviction and the joy on the evictees face (and the Gretel eviction interview) Remember when there was no...
  2. Brett

    Skye's naked strategy "I can confirm if two housemates are having a meaningful conversation which Skye might seem threatened by, she's not afraid to strip her clothes completely down and stand right next to them so it...
  3. Brett

    Skye smiling/laughing through Remembrance day ceremony

    Anybody else notice this? And I also noticed that there was no close up of her during the ceremony like there was the other HMs. Would have been a very bad look for her and another case of producer favouritism? Closest photo I could find so far and looks like others on FB agree