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  1. melaniee-jane

    Show your pets

    my family got a pet pig :D! her name is patches, and shes seriously so amazing!
  2. melaniee-jane

    David Appreciation Thread

    Hahah awh! I don't really watch anymore eeeeep! I just got so sick of it, it got too crazy for me, hoping anyone but Skye wins at this point!
  3. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 57 (3/11/14) Eviction

    How I feel about Lawson being evicted
  4. melaniee-jane

    Four New Housemates to enter the house

    I'm 85% done with this season for real. I don't even care if I miss it now, just let it end. Let it go channel 9 you won't get your beloved block ratings back
  5. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 46 (23/10/14) Nominations

    Is it really that hard to say to cat and Lawson "look I don't agree with what you are doing, I think it's cruel and I really feel for the girl on the outside but it's not my life, it's not my business, you're adults, you do what you choose, my opinion has no play on your life." Is it really hard...
  6. melaniee-jane

    The Fattening 2014

    Go back to 4chan :facepalm:
  7. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    It's so hard to explain depression because he's right sometimes there's no reason, it's just there ruining your life and you feel so helpless. Poor guy, glad he had his dad to help him through and bring some good times through that dark period :(
  8. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    David's reaction!!! DAVO DAVO DAVO :roflmao:
  9. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    Marina using sponge applicators for eyeshadow oh wow lol
  10. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    Hahaha so much lettuce on all their plates
  11. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    Yasssss David yay!
  12. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    I would deliberately suck at this task so I didn't get in the band, I'll be up the back with a triangle
  13. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    No amount of magic will redeem yourself lawson now pls, make your next trick be to self evict!
  14. melaniee-jane

    Episode Day 43 (20/10/14) - Daily Show

    Oh sweet sweet BB how I missed you
  15. melaniee-jane

    Post BB Housemate Antics - Part 3

    Omgggg I miss last year :( it was so hilarious
  16. melaniee-jane

    Show your pets

    this is my partners turtle, hes been living with me for a while now coz my bf is in the army and on base they cant have pets. hes so precious, he always looks like he is smiling at me, brightens my day coming home to him swimming and smiling at me :)
  17. melaniee-jane

    The kiss that divides the house

    Ugh my stomach sank. Feeling super sad for his (ex?) girlfriend. This is just super terrible.
  18. melaniee-jane

    ok im freaked out by this !!!

    i still and always will admire mark holden for all his work he has done recently with the charity Blue September. He is about the biggest name they have gotten to be an ambassador and he puts in a LOT of work to try to raise funds for them. he is at every meeting in melbourne with all the people...
  19. melaniee-jane

    Confessions and interesting facts about yourself

    hahah those playlists are great! i was a dental nurse for three years (DONT HATE ME) and it was awful seeing how anxious patients were, i felt so terrible for them :(! you gotta praise yourself though! alot of people just dont come until its unbearable for them they hate it so much so you are...