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    No percentages? On jumpin it says Ryan had 37% but I can't find Travis it Skye's...
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    Most to Least Favourite Housemate List

    What is your list for your favourite housemate to your least favourite? (remaining) Mine is... David Lawson Priya Sam Aisha Skye Jason Sandra Cat Jake Dion Katie Ryan Lisa Travis Gemma would be third.
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    Monday Night Live - Only 3 weeks long?

    Unless their is something on that night, looks like what ever this show is, it will only be going for 3 weeks.
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    Lisa Appreciation Thread

    Appreciation Thread for Lisa. 29 Years Old, Sydney, Housemate #10 and Paired with Skye.
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    Housemate Promo #1 - 31/08 - Posh Spice / Priya

    Tonight 6:30 Housemates revealed!
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    Live Launch Show

    Who's going to be attending the live launch at Dreamworld?