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  1. Consuela

    2022 Speccy Awards 🏆

    The lights are about to be turned off in the BB house; possibly for the foreseeable future. So that means it could be your last chance to vote in The Speccy Awards. Don't leave it up to the Pillow. Click here to submit your votes now! As always if you run into any problems tag or DM me...
  2. Consuela

    2021 Speccy Awards 🏆

    The Housemate's 15 minutes are up and BB producers are on the hunt for another House due contamination fears after Danny's stay. So that means it's time again for members of Behind Big Brother to vote in the annual Speccy Awards! For newbies and oldies alike who may be unaware the Speccy Awards...
  3. Consuela

    🏆 The Speccy Awards 2020

    The Big Brother house sits empty and Sonia's been returned to storage so that means it's time again for members of Behind Big Brother to vote in the (sometimes) annual Speccy Awards! For newbies and oldies alike who may be unaware the Speccy Awards are named in honour of much loved member...
  4. Consuela

    Housemates slam Angela's home truths in leaked group chat

    The story on the Daily Fail with the HMs group chat just makes me love and Angela more. All so salty about her takes on them when all I saw were truths.
  5. Consuela

    Woman's Day - Scandal to Rock the House!

    EXCLUSIVE: The Big Brother legal scandal set to rock the house So the story above comes from this week's Woman's Day about some super scandal regarding a HM that's got producers scrambling, and it's not Chad's 🍆. Do we think it's real? And if so who/what do we think it is? My money's on Dan...
  6. Consuela

    The Jury Villa - Discussion Thread

    So it'll probably be easiest if we keep discussion of the Jury Villa episodes all in one (separate) place. So discuss away! ¡BIG OLD [POSSIBLE] SPOILER WARNING!
  7. Consuela

    Witty vs The Clique

    *Disclaimer: Although the title of this thread is Witty vs The Clique I want to make it clear that this is a place for all the various PM Posses and their members. The title is simply for brevities sake.* While I do love this circular argument we have going I really do struggle in following it...
  8. Consuela

    The Speccy Awards 2014 - Winners

    The Speccy Awards 2014 The lines have closed and the votes tallied. Firstly let me say a huge thanks to all the posters of BehindBB. We may not be able to thank and honour you individually but rest assured we appreciate each and every one of you and the flavour you bring to this crazy community...
  9. Consuela

    The Speccy Awards 2014 - VOTE

    Voting Now Open Voting will close midnight Monday 24th. Thanks to all who nominated. Your top five nominees have been selected and it's now up to you to choose the winner. You may cast a vote in as many or as few award categories as you wish but you may only vote once. Follow the link below to...
  10. Consuela

    The Speccy Awards 2014

    Nominations Now Open Nominations will close midnight Monday 17th. This year the process is a little different with the introduction of the nomination round. The nomination round is your chance to put forward any member for consideration in an award category. You may nominate in as many or as...
  11. Consuela

    Cat's in Heat

    Shamelessly on the hunt for Lawson's wand and tbh I don't think tonight's talk will be the end of it. Do we need to book her in with Ray for a spaying?
  12. Consuela

    Sandra and Her Inner Goddess

    PRAISE THE HEAVENS! Sandra and her Inner Goddess have officially entered the Big Brother house. Gather here to discuss all the antics of our sex-crazed, Bieber-hating, future winner of Big Brother 2014.
  13. Consuela

    X Factor 2014

    So I'm currently watching the catchup episodes on TV and it seems like you legit must have a sob story to qualify. So cringe. All this eye rolling is going to give me a strain.
  14. Consuela

    2014 FIFA World Cup

    So we're a week or so out until the glory that is the World Cup! I've already got my Saturday morning cleared for both Spain and Australia's matches. Damn the fact they had to both be in the same group - divided loyalties are the worse. Who else will be watching? What team are you barracking...
  15. Consuela

    Justynn Not Invited to the Finale

    So apparently Our Hairy Lord Jhustynne isn't invited to the finale because he wasn't a fully fledged HM. Is this a usual occurrence? --- Some more tweets:
  16. Consuela

    Private Messaging Delay

    Is there a reason the delay is so long? 180 seconds is an unbearable wait for a Gen Y child like myself. I need things NOW! Is it possible it could be reduced?? PRETTY PLEASE W/ SUGAR!
  17. Consuela

    PSA: User Hammy is a Troll

    Please refrain from feeding them. That is all...
  18. Consuela

    American Horror Story

    This show deserves it own thread because it is THE MOST AMAZING TV SHOW EVER CREATED. Each season is a self contained narrative so you can follow along with the current series, Coven, without having to watch the previous two. However I recommend you do watch the other two as they are amazing...
  19. Consuela

    Merciless Mikkayla vs. Terrible Tahan

    GATHER ROUND FOR THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! In the near corner we have the Merciless Mikkyala! This cat with nine lives may be small in stature but she still has claws, and will turn on you in a second! Our Feline Lady is supported by her fiercely Loyal Litter whose life-membership to...
  20. Consuela

    Episode Day 45 (Wed 11 Sep 13) - Daily & Confidential 90m

    One Housemates' surprise attack is set to erupt the House! Discuss all the drama of Tahan v. Mikkayla here.