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  1. Medusa

    I’m a Celebrity 2022 - Episode Discussion

    40 Minutes or go……get ready now😎😁😎
  2. Medusa

    Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2020) - Episode Discussion

    Get in here and get at it :)
  3. Medusa

    I'm A Celebrity! AU (2019) Pre-season chat

    This show is starting really soon....Will anyone else be watching? :) Watching this show is my secret vice.
  4. Medusa

    Australia's Got Talent 2016 - Discussion

    Dancing Dog - good Ballet dancing comedians -good Speed Eating guy - Bad Pizza Base Twirling Guys - Bad Kelly, Sophie, Eddie and Dicko......all good
  5. Medusa

    Comparing 2014 HMs with past HMs

    This is a totally useless exercise and a waste of otherwise good forum participation time. Each HM is unique in themselves and in time and place. No person looks, act and / or reacts the same as any other. Eg. No, Lisa is NOT the "new"Tully. It is hard enough getting to know new HMs without...
  6. Medusa

    Episode Day 100 (Tuesday 5/11/13): Final Daily Show (60m)

    Happy Melbourne Cup Day and cheers to the final three :D Get Talking
  7. Medusa

    Episode Day 80 (Wed 16/10/13) Eviction Night #10

    Bye Bye Boogie Woogie :cool:
  8. Medusa

    Episode Day 78 (14/10/13) Daily Show (90 mins)

    Get Posting Darlinks. :D
  9. Medusa

    Episode Day 40 (Fri 6 Sept 2013) - Daily Show (30 minutes)

    Help...I won't be here tonight....Please copy down what happens "word for word" please :D
  10. Medusa

    Episode Day 36 (2nd Sep 13) EVICTION SHOW #4

    Get stuck in right here, right now. Who will go? is an exciting one because "things" are so uncertain :D
  11. Medusa

    Episode Day 22 - DOUBLE EVICTION SHOW - Monday 19 August 2

    Brace yourselves, please. Things are going to get rocky from here on in :D
  12. Medusa

    Episode Day 18 - Daily Show - Thursday 15 August 2013

    Fallout, Fights and the Old Fandangle What the heck is going to happen tonight For our delight? :D
  13. Medusa

    Saturday Showdown - 3 August 2013

    Well, here we are. Just in time to see CH 9's latest "brainwave" Hope it's enjoyable....hope it is fun. Get cracking and put your comments in here.
  14. Medusa

    The voice - 2013

    Will we watch this without Keef? Sampling now to see if I will :D
  15. Medusa


    Have been watching Delilah as much as I can during the last week. How much fun is that dog having???? Despite being screeched at and chased whilst pooing on the first day, Delilah has worked out all those HMs and wormed her way into their affections. She is alert to the routines now...
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  17. Medusa

    Frocks, Frolics and Fotos

    Yes.....many, many people on TV shows wear frocks and I intend to post pics of celebrities frolicking in their frocks. Katy Perry with her MIL in a 60's inspired outfit.