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    So...Back in 2016?

    This is Big Brother. I will not be returning this year, but may return in 2016. That is all.
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    BB 2014 Lounge Auctioned Off

    This Years BB house Red Lounge is currently under the hammer on It's only sitting on $200 with less than 3 mins till the auction finishes. Quick anyone.
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    Alex is at the BB Conference

    Alex has tweeted that he is in Rotterdam at the BB Conference. They are Celebrating 15 years of BB. What will the next year BB envolve ?
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    I'm liking this years BB

    Every time I come on here it's just complaining and more complaining. If you don't like it, don't watch it. It's that plain and simple. So back to the title of this thread. I am really liking this years BB and think it's very entertaining, Things are so different this year. The whole Big...
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    Launch ratings

    The 2014 launch of Big Brother was a dominant timeslot winner last night across People 25-54, 18-49, 16-39 and Total People and secured a massive peak Total People audience of 1.859 million with an average of 1.067 million viewers across the 5 City Metro. Big Brother was also the second most...
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    Ask Alex 2014 (EP of Big Brother)

    So many people have been asking me if I will be doing an Ask Alex this year. I have sent him a request, but as most of you can understand he is really busy with Housemates going into Lockdown this weekend. So if he does reply to them, it will be till after this weekend of course. So I will put...
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    A Storm Is Coming (Big Brother 2014 Promo #1)

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    New Director for Live Shows

    As I have said before every year BB continues to grow and this year is the same. This Years BB will have a New Director for the Live Shows. Why do I make this a point, cause they are employing 1 person to be responsible for only the live shows. Previous years they have used the same directors...
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    Charne from BB11 on The Voice

    Look out for Charne appearing in this Year The Voice. Starting after Easter on Ch 9.
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    Big Brother House Reopened this Weekend

    I know you are massive fans and want 1 last chance. BB house is re opening this Weekend for last chance to walk through Don't miss out. It will close for good.
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    BB House Closes in 1 WEEK

    Only 1 more week to check out last years BB house before its demolished and rebuild for this years BB. Did you check out the house ? What do you want to see in this years house ?
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    Out with 2013, hello 2014

    Ok, so it's the last day of the year. It's time for New Years Eve Celebrations. It's also a reminder that you have only 26 days to visit the current BB house before the demolition guys pull it down and work begins on the 2014 house. Yes the BB house closes on the 26th of Janurary...
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    Design your ultimate BB house

    Everyone on this site is a massive fan of BB. Let's she how you would design your ultimate BB house. Would you have a pool, where would you put the bedroom, does your house have a chamber room or something different. Design your ultimate BB house. Contact marquisite who will be...
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    101 days = 101.75 hours Screened

    Its official Big Brother 2013 ran for 101 days and it showed on our TV screens for 101.75 hours. That's massive when you look at the likes of My Kitchen Rules approx. 71hrs, The Block approx. 68hrs. There is no reason why fans complain they don't get enough hours of BB on our screens.
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    What happens after a Big Brother Series

    Ever wanted to know what happens to all the 300 Crew after Big Brother finishes. Have a check out of this, you might find it interesting.
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    Podcast you might want to listen to

    Missing out on podcast having a listen to this was recorded at last nights eviction
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    Episode Day 74 (Thu 10 Oct 2013) - Nominations #10

    After a shock Eviction will this change the game and the nominations. Drew and Jade Nominated Ben cause he was a sure thing and would be safe, but that didn't happen and last night he got Evicted. Mikkayla has the Nominations Superpower and to what advantage will this actually be ...
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    Episode Day 71 (Mon 8/10) Daily Show 90m/8:45pm *SPOILERS*

    WITH THE START OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. THIS ATTRACTS THE SPOILER ALERT Mondays Daily show is starting at 8.45pm on your local time, except some Regional NSW starting at 9.15pm We will find out which Female Intruder gets Evicted and see some of the weekends antics from the Big Brother House...
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    Episode Day 61 (Fri 27th Sep) Daily Show

    What's been happening in the BB house....