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    Australian Survivor Ratings

    Yikes. TEN's most highly anticipated show of 2016 has finally come to our screens, and it looks like the anticipation hasn't payed off. Up against Nine's reality reno shit show 'The Block', Australian Survivor's first episode in 10 years was watched by a soft 784,000 (5 City Metro figures...
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    Produce Your Own Big Brother

    Produce Your Own Big Brother: This competition will give you all the chance to show what you may have created, or what you want to create, from the house to the host, it's up to you. Here are the requirements. You must create to be eligible for judging: A House A Twist A Basic Schedule An...
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    The Bachelor Australia 2015

    With 5 weeks of Masterchef left, the Bachelor will be coming up soon. Thoughts on the new bachelor?
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    House Rules 2015

    House Rules starts in two weeks!
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    Peter Abott Fired FML *Vomits*
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    Australian Tv 2015 Ratings Thread

    2015 is coming around as the Tv networks in Australia gear up their big shows for another year. Talk all things ratings here and predictions.
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    Thank You Channel Nine And Alex

    Thank you Channel Nine and Alex. Now I know, Big Brother had had it's downs thought the last 3 year, but I truly thank Channel Nine and Alex for at least giving it ago. I remember hearing about Big Brothers renewal, and the one thing i hope for was this; Big Brother have at least 3 seasons. And...
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    Game Create Big Brother

    Imagine you are the executive producer of Big Brother. You must come up with a scedual (what times it is on and for how long, what days, what shows), find a new host, come up with twists and extras, and mould Big Brother your way. And if you wish, make a set and new logo and maybe a house.
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    Tim and Ben's Big News on Friday

    Tim and Ben have some big news to be told on friday. It is unclear if it is BB related.
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    So...Back In 2015?

    Once again the debate has arrived. With ratings forming a pattern (no i did not copy and past from the 2014 thread :p) and this season coping flack because it's a pile of crap, will Big brother survive the harsh world that is network tv renewal and come back for a 4th season on Nine in 2015?
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    2014 House Sneakpeak Promo featuring The Block judges

    Did anyone see the house ad?
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    Big Brother Au 2014 Countdown The Countdown is on!
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    Big Brother Au Promo Talk

    promos for big brother should be starting really soon (within 3 weeks.... Hopefully....). So any ideas for the promo? *massive speakers appear from the sky* "THIS IS BIG BROTHER!". *that stupid justice crew song plays.... Que sacara or somthing* *cringes* sorry :p
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    which BBAU season should i buy?

    Im looking to buy a season of big brother. One with lots of laughs. What season do you recommend?
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    BBAU 2014 Launch Date 7th/8th September

    So a member of Big Brothers crew tweeted that he had received a message that the show starts on the 7.7.14. Thoughts?
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    Big Brother most talked about TV show of 2013

    Congratz to BB this year for ranking very well in demos and being most talked about TV show on facebook for 2013.
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    New Voting System

    So i thought this might be a fun thing. Ideas for the voting system. My idea: voting would be based on Favourites. Each housmate will enter the house and their polls open untill first nominations. then the three housmates nominaed will be up. whichever one with the lowest favour persentage...
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    What was the highest rating Big Brother AU show

    So what was the highest ever rating BBAU show to date?
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    Thankyou for a great season BBB and Members

    I just wanna say thanks for an awesome year of big brother. not partly beacuse of the show but BBB. i know I've been annoying by posting stupid threads and all but no more of dat shiz in 2014... Fanky you. can't wait for next year.:cool:j
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    When is the next NEW season of Big Brother intern?

    I'm interested to watch an international BB and i wanna ask, when is the next closest BB start?