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  1. starry

    BBUS 18, 2016 (non spoiler thread - only episode discussion)

    No discussion of feeds, leaks. Just for discussing the episodes for those of us who follow them alone (probably most, even more so with the harder access to feeds outside the US).
  2. starry

    The editing decides who goes/who is popular

    While it is true that people can't be made to say what they don't the editing plays a huge role. Apart from twists favouring some HMs, such as making them popular on the inside or against them putting them in hard situations, there are more subtle ways. One is to cut into conversations at...
  3. starry

    When Sonia does the prank/fake outs on the live show

    Somehow she doesn't have the gravity to pull it off and it's just getting repetitive now anyway. If you do a prank build up to it a through a week and then it could be more believable to HMs and more interesting to us, though that may take more effort than the producers want.
  4. starry

    I'd prefer Showdown/Games deciding the power and a better live show

    It would be much more suspenseful and make more sense having a live presentation. With this program I didn't even know why Sonia was there, it was just another late night feast, frequently mistitled the mature content show, when the content is actually immature for teens who haven't grown up yet.
  5. starry

    Bitching on Tahan worse than anything by her

    Ironic isn't it. I've seen way more worse from people hating on her than anything I've heard her say. She really isn't foul mouthed, doesn't go around calling people evil. It's funny how people wanted to make her the villain at the start when really all she is is a bit of a gossip who gets...
  6. starry

    Bitter aggressive Mikkayla/Ben BBAU9 v popular HM

    It's a similar situation. Bitter HM who sees a popular one being frequently saved and gets aggressive towards them as they can't do anything about it. They just can't accept they aren't as popular and try to invent reasons why they think they are better. They comfort themselves in their own...
  7. starry

    Estelle knows and supports Tahan

    This clinches it, Tahan must win because of the debacle in the final last year when Estelle was deprived of her win. Clearly they are following similar paths, strong women who had to fight against evictions as they were put up by a clique in the house and were saved a record number of times for...
  8. starry

    Most insecure weak personality - Jade or Mikkayla?

    Which of these two is the most insecure and weak personality?
  9. starry

    Why is only one person fake evicted?

    Normally it's two people in this kind of twist so it should have been a fake double. One person alone could be pretty boring if they have nobody to talk to apart from BB. Maybe an intruder or two or in on this as well?
  10. starry

    Mikkayla's attempt to brand her group as 'misfits'

    Doesn't really work does it? The sisters and Jade are more cool group kind of people. Tully, who doesn't associate with that group, is actually more of a misfit and yet she is more aligned with those who are supposedly the 'cool' group. And Tim who portrays himself as the biggest misfit...
  11. starry

    Coverage of HMs seems much more selective/biased

    Can't say that any of those evicted so far were shown much, the focus of the HLs seems consistently towards a few HMs this year.
  12. starry

    Isn't 6 up every week too many?

    It means some people are up every week whatever they do, so there isn't much to play for in the house with other HMs. This becomes even more obvious now there are less in the house. I think 4 would be about the right number.
  13. starry

    The love for Estelle - where did she go so right?

    Just being fun, friendly and straightforward. That's a good way to become one of the most popular (because most saved through a vote to save) HMs ever.
  14. starry

    Vote Estelle to stop Ben winning!

    Ben could still win this, this can be stopped, Estelle still has a lead on him at this point.
  15. starry

    Reasons why Estelle should win

    Come in and give a reason why Estelle should win. I'll start, she doesn't worry endlessly about who will win the show like others in there. The public decides and it's better to just get on with your time in the house than speculate on who you think deserves or doesn't deserve to win like...