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  1. mandonov

    Martin Place evacuated, hostages held at Lindt Cafe

    Natalie Barr broke down on Sunrise when she found out she knew the mothers brother. So heartbreaking and my heart goes out to all affected.
  2. mandonov

    Priya Appreciation Society

    Perhaps it would be better for the forum if the mods created a specific 'Priya Depreciation Thread'. I know it's against the rules to have hate threads, but this is honestly becoming too much. Half this fucking thread is people complaining about Priya and her fans trying to defend her. Priya's...
  3. mandonov

    Favourite YouTube Channel

    Of course. But Grace Helbig though, so my type of humour.
  4. mandonov

    Priya Appreciation Society

    We should at least try to. You have to BELIEVE.
  5. mandonov

    Episode Day 79 (25/11/14) Triple Eviction

    They're fucking showing the percentages! Estelle all over again!
  6. mandonov

    Troll Appreciation Thread

    Shit @pawlini, you missed out again. Bitch just can't catch a break.
  7. mandonov

    Religious (or not) affiliation

    I was christened Macedonian Orthodox. Other than the scripture and holiday services with school that my parents didn't really care about; and going to church when I visited my grandparents village in Macedonia, we never really practiced it. I fell out of belief of God towards the end of primary...
  8. mandonov

    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    Just a bunch of racial, ethnic and socio-economic stereotypes mixed with vagina jokes. :vomit:
  9. mandonov

    Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)

    You really are a shoe in for Most Fickle'
  10. mandonov

    Interview Videos! (Just Videos)

    His thread wouldn't be hijacked if you just refrained from replying to Mrs B. Why do you care who she votes for? One-on-one altercations are what PM's are for.
  11. mandonov

    Episode Day 73 (19/11/2014) Daily Show

    Really empty forum tonight. :(
  12. mandonov

    Game Word Association

    You say: detainer I say: retainer
  13. mandonov

    Game Word Association

    You say: burglary I say: crime
  14. mandonov

    Priya Appreciation Society

    Radar highs for today: Priya = 833 Skye = 785 Ryan = 659 David = 648 The rest are below 300 (Side note ~ Priya was autocorrected to Pray whilst typing this comment. Slay.)
  15. mandonov

    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    This is a bit degrading
  16. mandonov

    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    mmmmmm expose her David
  17. mandonov

    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    Well they are all 12.
  18. mandonov

    Episode Day 72 (18/11/14) Eviction

    So NOW you're telling the audience to shut up? Fuck you Sonia.