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    BBAU 2004

    No idea. Her inside the box in the diary room is one of my best BB memories ever.
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    Favourite weekly tasks?

    Two of my favourites were from season 2 - Radio Bessamy and the superhero task.
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    Final 3 Confirmed. Open for spoiler.

    I would only have been annoyed if Xavier, Shane, Hannah, Casey, Marisa or Mat - ie BORING AS FUCK - people were in the final 3. Granted Chad and Sophie aren't exactly riveting viewing, but (in my opinion at least) not as bad as the others.
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 9 Discussion (23 June)

    I agree except for the '05 bit. I hated all of '05 except Tim and Vesna.
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    2020 Housemate lookalikes

    Fuck yes!
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    What types of people watch Big Brother? and Why?

    Cheers. It is what it is, eh? We still laugh every day, and there are many worse off.
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    What types of people watch Big Brother? and Why?

    I’m a writer/editor/researcher in a very niche area - trivia, puzzles and word games. This is a very fun & enjoyable, but challenging & often exhausting, way to make a living. I also care for my mum who is unwell (heart failure and vascular dementia). When I’m knackered I like nothing more than...
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 8 Discussion (22 June)

    Kieran? Cute? He’s like a cross between Chris Griffin from Family Guy, Andy from Little Britain, Ralph Wiggum & Barney Gumble
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    Past housemates, current format...

    Oh yes forgot Paul!
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    Past housemates, current format...

    Who (if any) would you have liked to have seen in the current format ie open noms talk & 1 person putting 3 people up? I think anyone who massively cracked the shits about being nominated, anyone super-strategic (or who thinks they are) and anyone with a decent intellect, would have been gold...
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    Predict the Final 3

    Ian, Mat and Sarah.
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    Am I the only one who thinks that they actually came close to getting the cast right this year? Yeah it sucks that some of the housemates were only in there for a couple of days, and the edit of the show prevents us from getting to know the HM's to the same extent as previously, and yeah some of...
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    All Stars in 2021? - Wish List & Discussion

    Yep totally agree @ Brigitte and Estelle. Apart from that, the list is great.
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    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 4 Discussion (14 June)

    He's my vet (well my cat's vet) and he's terrific :D
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    2020 Housemate lookalikes

    hahaha yes especially the matching honkers!
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    2020 Housemate lookalikes

    Zoe: Xavier: