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  1. Bertrendo

    2023 Casting Thread

    So another season, another round of casting! Any young singles here going to try their luck? I looked through the questionnaire to see if their was any questions that may hint at what they're looking for and it definitely seems like a lot more questions in the relationship categories this year...
  2. Bertrendo

    Will Big Brother be back in 2023?

    Hey guys didn’t know which thread to post this so I just thought I’d make my own! I’ve flown down to Sydney to go to the final tonight and thought I’d pop down to the house and see if it was still standing. The backyard is still in tact and they haven’t taken down the eye entrance either...
  3. Bertrendo

    How can Seven realisticly improve Big Brother?

    With a confirmed one more season on the way next year, I just want to hear other's opinions on this question. Its obvious that Seven will not run the show live, it will be pre-recorded. Realistically how can Seven restructure the show for next year in a way that is more entertaining than...
  4. Bertrendo

    Celebrity Big Brother UK 21 (January 2018)

    Basically BBUK8...
  5. Bertrendo

    Big Brother UK 2017 - BB18

    The eye has been leaked this morning, brace yourselves... So this year they are somewhat going the roots of the show. Personally I really like the eye and its quirky-ness! But not many people share the same feelings as me.
  6. Bertrendo

    Game Forum Big Brother 4 | Sign Up Thread

    Tick Tock... Forum Big Brother 4 Big Brother controls the time. Season 4 promises to be the most twisted one yet! The theme for FBB4 is TIME. The expected time for the game to start should be early July. Big Brother promises to keep the clock (and the housemates) spinning round and round. To...
  7. Bertrendo

    BB2012's Michael lead the "Ranga Rally" This is amazing!!!!
  8. Bertrendo

    Game Forum Big Brother All Stars

    (This may not be the final eye) Forum Big Brother: All Stars GAME ON! To be part of the ultimate all star clash you must of played at least one series of FBB on this site. You can ask to be part of it but Bertrendo will ask most of you. This series will begin straight after Forum Big...
  9. Bertrendo

    Game Forum Big Brother Paranoia 2016

    What do you see? FBB Paranoia The longest series yet! Apply Now! PM @Bertrendo to apply. Bertrendo will reply with questions for you to answer. Please answer these. (Past housemates can compete but there will be an All Star season straight after FBB Paranoia) If you have any questions ask here.
  10. Bertrendo

    2016 Forum Big Brother News Articles

  11. Bertrendo

    Game Forum Survivor

    Get ready for the ultimate test of skills, stamina and gameplay... Forum Survivor is here! How to apply: Just PM @Bertrendo and he will reply if you become a castaway! Season 1: Apply now!
  12. Bertrendo

    Big Brother Turkey

    Um I don't know if I am watching BBAU or BBT?
  13. Bertrendo

    Big Brother Voice

    Hey does anyone know where i could find a clip of Big Brother say "This is Big Brother... All housemates to the lounge room..." ???
  14. Bertrendo

    Forum Big Brother: PowerGames [VIEWERS THREAD]

    1. Housemates may not view this thread 2. Viewers can say there comments here 3. Don't bully!
  15. Bertrendo

    Forum Big Brother 3 [LIVE SHOWS]

    Rules 1. Viewers can talk in the viewers thread but still can comment here as the audience 2. Housemates can talk to Bertrendo when asked in Live Shows ________________________________________________ Forum Big Brother: PowerGames Live Launch 7:30pm AEDT Sunday 15/11/15
  16. Bertrendo

    Forum Big Brother 3 [HOUSE]

    Welcome to the FBB: PowerGames House! Rules 1. Housemates are the only ones to post in this thread 2. Do not post until you have been announced and entered the house 3. Do not post after you get evicted 4. You must nominate Mondays and Fridays 5. All tasks are compulsorily
  17. Bertrendo

    Game [Forum Big Brother 3: PowerGames] Housemate Hunt is on!

    Big Brother is back bigger than ever before! Forum Big Brother is back for its 3rd season but he returns with a twist that will turn the game on its head. FBB2 saw @SepiaBird take the crown and the title of FBB Winner. The question is now who will win next season? It could be you! All you need...
  18. Bertrendo

    Big Brother 2015 Around The World

    Pinoy Big Brother: 737 (Philippines) Big Brother Bulgaria: 100% Natural VIP Brother Bulgaria Veliki Brat Ex-Yugoslavia More Soon
  19. Bertrendo

    Game The Forum Apprentice 1

    _________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the first ever Behind Big Brother Forum Apprentice! 8 members will compete to see who will be hired and who will be fired. If you would want to become a contestant just PM me saying that you would like to participate...
  20. Bertrendo

    CBB: UK vs US eye

    I love it for some reason.