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    Poll: Preferred finishing order

    Now that we have a final three, what is your preferred finishing order?

    Poll: Final 10 housemates - who do you like?

    I know there are already threads about which housemates you like/dislike, but I thought it would be good to have a poll.

    Poll: Which female housemates do you like?

    We have the Housemate Popularity Tracker but I thought it would be interesting to see who has the most fans. You can choose as much housemates as you like.

    Poll: Which male housemates do you like?

    We have the Housemate Popularity Tracker but I thought it would be interesting to see who has the most fans. You can choose as much housemates as you like.

    Housemates you like that disliked each other

    What are some housemates you liked that disliked each other? For me, one would be Jade and Tahan from last season. They were very different, but I loved Tahan for her strong, independent personality and Jade for her nice, sweet personality, even if she clung to Ed a bit much.

    Poll: Favourite Housemate pairs

    I know it's early days, but based on first impressions, who are your favourite pairs? Feel free to come back to the thread and comment if you change your mind!

    Most universally liked and disliked BB HMs

    I really don't think there's a housemate that absolutely everyone likes or everyone hates, but in your opinion, who do you think is the most universally liked housemate and most universally disliked from all BB Aus seasons?

    Has your opinion of any 2013 HM changed after the show?

    For me, it's still relatively the same. The housemates I liked on the show, I still like. A few, like Ed and Tully, have grown on me. I am however becoming very wary of Ben and whether he truly was what I made him out to be.

    Tim's tweets

    Tim answers quite a lot of questions on Twitter. I think it's really great that he likes to keep in touch with fans. Thought I would just make a thread just for Tim's tweets.
  10. APABLD

    2013 Housemates: what did you think of them?

    For me: Love: Ben, Tim, Mr Clooney Like: Caleb, Katie & Lucy, Mikkayla, Madaline, Boog, Drew, Tahan, Jade Indifferent/ wasn't in the house long enough to form an opinion of: Sharon, Rohan, Xavier, Jasmin, Matthew, Tully, Nathan, Ed Dislike: Heidi, Justynn
  11. APABLD

    The Final 3 - like or dislike? (Spoilers)

    Do you like them all? Dislike them all? Like one or two but dislike the other(s)? I like all three. They all have been great housemates in their own way.
  12. APABLD

    Final 6 - like or dislike each housemate?

    Vote for whether you like or dislike each of the final 6 housemates.
  13. APABLD

    HMs odds of winning over time.

    Thought it would be interesting to post the odds of winning from earlier in the series and see how much they've changed. This was Sportsbet, Week 1: Ben 5.00 Matthew 6.50 Ed 7.00 Any Other (Not Listed) 8.00 Xavier 8.00 Heidi 10.00 Caleb 11.00 Jasmin 12.00 Tully 12.00 Drew 15.00...
  14. APABLD

    Do you like/dislike each of the remaining h/mates?

    Vote on whether you like or dislike each of the remaining housemates. Polls are limited to 13 options, so I'll only put the original housemates. If you are indifferent to a housemate, skip them or vote for both options. Discuss your choices for the poll and for the intruders below.
  15. APABLD

    What would be your worst case scenario?

    Mine would be if Tahan and Tim left next and Ed won the show.
  16. APABLD

    Favourites from past seasons of BB - Did they win?

    I didn't watch Big Brother until 2006, and don't remember much of 2007 and 2008. To anyone who has watched previous Big Brother Australia seasons: who were the favourites at the start of the show and did they win or come close to winning?
  17. APABLD

    Ben appreciation thread

    I know its recently been discovered that Ben was a comedian and might be 'acting', but he was a great housemate nonetheless!
  18. APABLD

    Who will be most remembered after the show?

    For me it would be Tim, followed by Ben. Imagine what it would be like if they had their own show!
  19. APABLD

    Which housemates do you want to be in the final 3?

    Vote and discuss below.