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  1. astr1d

    Your ideal top 7!

    If you got to choose out of the 20 housemates this year, who would be your top 7! :D (If this already exists please delete!) - Boog - Drew - Jasmine - Justynn - Tahan - Tim - Xavier with Rohan having just been evicted!
  2. astr1d

    "Playing the Game"

    If this is already a thread please delete this one! Is anyone else over the way HMs talk about the game. It irks me to no end when they realise five weeks in that they need to start "playing the game". Like, have these guys never watched a Big Brother before? They sound so dumb. Then the...
  3. astr1d

    What happened to eviction prizes?

    I honestly miss prizes for all the contestants, the traditional 10 Big Brother questions and the charity item. Actually, in general I just miss Gretel being a part of Big Brother. ~nostalgia~