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  1. Michael Nguyen

    HOW has David been strategic?

    I don't like how he has all the sudden labelled himself this, he acts tough and calls himself this but the only strategy players in the game are Ryan, Skye and Priya
  2. Michael Nguyen


    Why is David still here.....
  3. Michael Nguyen

    Tahan, the most saved housemate in BBAU history

    Everyone better bow down to the queen She will win this show
  4. Michael Nguyen

    Why is Mikkayla such a hateful and jealous person

    Gosh I used to love her so much, from the first night.. however as time went on she really is showing her true colours. Her personality really is uglier than Tahans, Mik is a very insecure, spiteful and horrible person.
  5. Michael Nguyen

    Tim + Tahan for the win!

    Tim, such a cunning, smart and manipulative player.. and he does all this is a funny and entertaining way. He is such an interesting housemate, you never know what's going to come out of his mouth, he's everything Michael from last years BB could of been. Just like Tahan he's not afraid to say...
  6. Michael Nguyen

    Jade 2013 Appreciation thread

    Love her! Also Jade has had former reality tv experience, when she was living in Italy she was on Italy's Next Top Model as a contestant, she was doing quiet well but quit the competition third week. So check her out on youtube! She had an international career in modelling overseas doing a lot...
  7. Michael Nguyen

    BB Twins

    ugh they are hideous.... I hope they arent doing the Logan twin swap twist again :/
  8. Michael Nguyen

    Who wants Zoe out of the house?

    This girl is VILE, watching her break Estelles horse you could see how much of a creep, jealous, insanse girl she is. I think Estelle staying was the last straw knowing she cannot get Michael, horrible
  9. Michael Nguyen

    Staceys boyfriend is a complete babe

    Uhh so good looking :eek: Get it Stacey!
  10. Michael Nguyen

    Who is more attractive?

    Zoes head has seem to go far up her arse and her ego has fueled up
  11. Michael Nguyen

    Everyone vote to SAVE

    Sam, Estelle, Layla and Angie We need the popular group out!
  12. Michael Nguyen

    Who else was shocked when..

    Stacey and Michael called out Angie on her weight and pretty much called her fat?
  13. Michael Nguyen

    Stacey being ben's b*tch??

    Anyone notice how hypercritical ben was tonight? He was even bitching about Stacey behind her back about how fake she can be sometimes and how annoying she is and later being fake and telling her how much she means to him as a friend and comforting her etc I feel like Stacey is just...
  14. Michael Nguyen

    Estelle's reaction to her nomination

    On the Big Brother website there is a video that shows Estelle crying and bursting out into tears after she was told she received 19 points by her housemates to put her up for eviction. I felt so bad for her :( poor girl, and there are others out there who have not yet been up for eviction...
  15. Michael Nguyen

    Rumours of the second intruder

    I don't know if this is true or not but the new second intruder secret ties in with Angie somehow from the posts I've been reading on Facebook, people are saying Angie and Sam both know each other and it's the next big brother twist sure to shock the housemates. Thoughts??
  16. Michael Nguyen

    Is George a useless and irrelevant housemate?

    I think so, he adds nothing at all to the house, at times I didn't even know he existed, it frustrates me that he will most likely win It's time to go George!