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  1. Wozniacki

    Who will go tomorrow?

    Assuming that Travis and Aisha don't take the money. PRIYA, JASON OR DAVID
  2. Wozniacki

    Big Brother Auditions

    hi, does anyone know when the big brother 2014 auditions start? and when did they start last year? was it in april?
  3. Wozniacki

    Who the EX-HMS think will win?

    there was a video on the OS and this is who they think will win big brother? Ben - Tahan (he said the word on the street is that she is ahead by a nose) Tully - Drew (well that aint happening!) Heidi - Tim Mikkayla - Tim but wants Jade to Rohan - Tim Madaline - Tahan Xavier - Tahan...
  4. Wozniacki

    BIG BROTHER: ALL STARS - Who would you cast?

    Who would you cast for an All Stars Bug Brother edition? For me I wouldnt cast any winners or anyone who got really famous after (christie, fitzy) so going that tim will win this year, I would cast.. Sara Marie, Paul Dyer, Michael Mccoy, Camilla, David, Bree, Briggite, Estelle, Tully...
  5. Wozniacki

    Eviction on Monday 6th November

    Tickets are now selling for an eviction show on Monday 4th November. Given there are no double evictions till this eviction there will be five hms left in the house at this time. So i believe that there will be a double eviction on this eviction day leaving three hms for the finale like last...
  6. Wozniacki

    Eviction #10 - Who do you THINK will be EVICTED?

    Who will be evicted? Tahan OR Mikkayla OR Boog
  7. Wozniacki

    Episode Day 66 (Wed 2/10/13) - Live Eviction #8 (90m)

    Who will be evicted today? According to the eviction odds it will be Mikkayla who will be evicted. So will it be Mikkayla, the Sisters, Drew, Jade, Tim or Ed? And don't forget Tully's back!
  8. Wozniacki

    Intruder #4 - Boog

    She's the loud mouth, pocket rocket! BOOG! yep B-O-O-G.
  9. Wozniacki

    Intruder #2 - Justynn

    Intruder number two - justynn!
  10. Wozniacki

    Intruder #1 - Nathan

    Intruder number one - nathan!
  11. Wozniacki

    Eviction #8 - Who do THINK will be EVICTED?

    assuming that the intruders are not up for eviction, who do you think will be evicted? Tim or Ben or Tahan or Jade or Ed or Mikkayla or Katie/ Lucy or Drew?
  12. Wozniacki

    Eviction #7 - Who do you THINK will be EVICTED?

    Who do you THINK will be evicted? Katie/ Lucy Tully or Tahan?
  13. Wozniacki

    Eviction #6 - Who do you THINK will be EVICTED?

    Who do you think will be evicted for real? Ed, Katie/ Lucy, Matthew, Tahan, Mikkayla or Ben Discuss here
  14. Wozniacki

    Episode Day 46 (Thu 12th Sept) Daily Show - 90mins

    Who from the nominated housemates will be saved and who will be swapped? Abd hopefully fight between drully I personally have a feeling jade will be saved and matthew swapped in
  15. Wozniacki

    Eviction #5 Betting Odds

    Centre Bet Heidi 2.00 Tully 2.20 Tahan 5.50 Drew 7.00 Ben 17.00 Tim 26.00
  16. Wozniacki

    Who do you THINK will be EVICTED? - Eviction #5

    Who do you think will be evicted? Tim or Tully or Drew or Ben or Heidi or Tahan? And the first time tim, drew and ben are all up at the same time, it will be interesting to see who will be most saved and the percentages for each! edit - p.s can someone please change the name of the...
  17. Wozniacki

    Who do you think will be saved (swapped)?

    Who do you THINK will be saved? as a result of the nominations swap. This thread can also be used to discuss who we think won showdown as we did last week when we correctly guessed that either tim or drew had won showdown
  18. Wozniacki

    Potential Nominees 3 - Who would you save?

    Who would you save from the potenial nominees?