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  1. Vampires_Bite

    Game The Big Brother Quiz Game

    Sarah-Marie Which HM was the first to leave BB Australia voluntarily?
  2. Vampires_Bite

    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    She actually sounds like a little kid who just got an iphone or something
  3. Vampires_Bite

    Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)

    alright, finally at the end of the series recap!!!
  4. Vampires_Bite

    Game All-Seasons Top 50 Housemates Tournament!

    Vesna: 10 Estelle: 1 Tim: - 100000000000...... or 1 if I have to
  5. Vampires_Bite

    Episode Day 64 (10/11/14) Daily show

    I think Travis' butt imploded from Leo's smack!
  6. Vampires_Bite

    Episode Day 53 (30/10/14) Daily show

    They were both as bad as each other
  7. Vampires_Bite

    The fact that Prisus has a halo in the BBB header...

    Has she always had the halo? I only just noticed it now (and then saw this thread)
  8. Vampires_Bite

    Priya Appreciation Society

    Ok, so I might be a bit slow but I just noticed Priya has a halo (at the top of the screen with all the other housemates) O_OO_OO_O
  9. Vampires_Bite

    Episode Day 45 (22/10/14) Eviction #8 or cash self-eviction of Traisha

    Sauna action with the boys? Usually he has to go to Sydney for that :P
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    Game Big Brother 2014 Housemate Popularity Tracker

    Priya 123 (-) Lawson 93 Cat 44 (+) Skye 39 (-) David 32 Dion 27 Aisha 21 Jason 15 Sandra 6 Jake -11 Sam -16 Ryan -41 Katie -79 Lisa -79 Travis -110 (+)
  11. Vampires_Bite

    The Block: Glasshouse

    And how is it only now they find out about the tree? Don't you think the logistics of putting a tree in your house would have been discussed to begin with?
  12. Vampires_Bite

    The Block: Glasshouse

    Keith is a moron
  13. Vampires_Bite

    First to eat at the diner

    I hope neither of them do. Hangry housemates will liven them up and make them drop the first week fakeness.
  14. Vampires_Bite

    Would you have taken the money?/ reasons

    I would take the full $10,000. If the other HM's were pissed at me I'd at least walk away with something when I got voted out!
  15. Vampires_Bite

    Dion Appreciation Thread

    I thought straight up he was going to be a D-Bag... but I think it's still too early to decide (so far he isn't doing too bad... but he is still in the honeymoon stage)
  16. Vampires_Bite

    So we meet again!

    So we meet again!
  17. Vampires_Bite

    Last movie you saw

    Push, it had my favorite actor in it.... good premise.... but it's a fader. As in it starts out good but just sort of fades
  18. Vampires_Bite

    Last movie you saw

    Eraser... Who doesn't love an Arnie-Action fest?